Patents - 1977

Charge coupled device random access memory
Al F. Tasch, Jr., Robert Charles Frye, Horng-Sen Fu and Robert W. Brodersen
U.S. Patent 4,060,738. November 1977

Apparatus for mitigating signal distortion and noise signal contrast in a communications system
David Gavin Messerschmitt and Timothy James Zebo
U.S. Patent 4,059,730. November 1977

Anti-aliasing pre-filter circuit for semiconductor charge transfer device
Carlo Heinrich Séquin
U.S. Patent 4,056,737. November 1977

Two-dimensional transfer in charge transfer device
Robert Harold Krambeck, Carlo Heinrich Séquin and Robert Henry Walden
U.S. Patent 4,051,505. September 1977

Circuit and structure having high input impedance and DC return
Paul R. Gray and Mark L. Stephens
U.S. Patent 4,050,031. September 1977

Laplace transform system
Edward A. Sloane, Bruce T. McKeever and Eugene Wong
U.S. Patent 4,047,002. September 1977

Integrated Optical Devices Including Tunable Fixed Grating
Ivan P. Kaminow and H. Kogelnik
U.S. Patent 4039249. August 1977

Tandem block digital processor for use with nonuniformly encoded digital data
David Gavin Messerschmitt
U.S. Patent 4,040,049. August 1977

Graded-Index Fiber for Multimode Optical Communication
Detlef Christoph Gloge, Ivan P. Kaminow and Presby; Herman Melvin Presby
U.S. Patent 4,025,156. May 1977

Process for forming a low resistance interconnect in MOS n-channel silicon gate integrated circuit
William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 4,013,489. March 1977

Junction arrays for superconducting and nonsuperconducting application
Shyh Wang and Won-Tien Tsang
U.S. Patent 4,011,574. March 1977

Data compression using nearly instantaneous companding in a digital speech interpolation system
Yau-Chau Ching, Allan Michael Hofmann and David Gavin Messerschmitt
U.S. Patent 4,002,841. January 1977

Planar Waveguide Electrooptic Prism Deflector
Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 4,000,937. January 1977