Patents - 1978

Weighted capacitor analog/digital converting apparatus and method
Paul R. Gray, James L. McCreary and David A. Hodges
U.S. Patent 4,129,863. December 1978

Solar collector system
Otto J. M. Smith
U.S. Patent 4,117,682. October 1978

Silica Based Optical Fiber Waveguide Using Phosphorus Pentoxide and Germanium Dioxide
Ivan P. Kaminow and Presby; Herman Melvin Presby
U.S. Patent 4,111,525. September 1978

Thin Film Optical Waveguide
Ivan P. Kaminow and Kogelnik; Herwig Werner Kogelnik
U.S. Patent 4,111,523. September 1978

Compensation for Material Dispersion in Optical Fibers
Detlef C. Gloge, Ivan P. Kaminow and Herman M. Presby
U.S. Patent 4,105,283. August 1978

Distributed feedback devices with perturbations deviating from uniformity for removing mode degeneracy
Herman Anton Haus and Charles Vernon Shank
U.S. Patent 4,096,446. June 1978

Digital speech interpolation trunk priority rotator
Yau-Chau Ching and David Gavin Messerschmitt
U.S. Patent 4,095,052. June 1978

Sensing circuit for semiconductor charge transfer devices
Carlo Heinrich Séquin
U.S. Patent 4,075,514. February 1978