Patents - 1979

Single Polarization Optical Fibers and Methods of Fabrication
Ivan P. Kaminow and Ramaswamy; Vellayan Ramaswamy
U.S. Patent 4,179,189. December 1979

Character recognition system and method multi-bit curve vector processing
Robert K. Brayton
U.S. Patent 4,177,448. December 1979

Bridge drive circuit and method
Mark L. Stephens and Paul R. Gray
U.S. Patent 4,171,509. October 1979

LC simulated filter with transmission zeros
Paul R. Gray
U.S. Patent 4,168,440. September 1979

Temperature compensated piezoresistive transducer
Mark L. Stephens and Paul R. Gray
U.S. Patent 4,166,269. August 1979

Solar thermal electric power plant
Otto J. M. Smith
U.S. Patent 4,164,123. August 1979

Galois field computer
Elwyn R. Berlekamp
U.S. Patent 4,162,480. July 1979

Charge transfer transversal filter
Gene P. Weckler and Robert W. Brodersen
U.S. Patent 4,156,858. May 1979

Polarization converter and circuit elements for use in optical waveguides
Shyh Wang
U.S. Patent 4,153,328. May 1979

Phase locked loop frequency synthesizer using digital modulo arithmetic
David G. Messerschmitt
U.S. Patent 4,145,667. March 1979