Patents - 1983

Inductively coupled sensing circuit and priority system
Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 4,411,004. October 1983

Bit serial encoder
Elwyn R. Berlekamp
U.S. Patent 4,410,989. October 1983

Automatic compensation circuit and method
Bradley A. Helliwell, David G. Messerschmitt and Ronald J. Hagen
U.S. Patent 4,407,020. September 1983

Apparatus for the linear predictive coding of human speech
Robert W. Brodersen, Paul J. Hurst and Ronald D. Fellman
U.S. Patent 4,401,855. August 1983

Crenelated-Ridge Waveguide Laser
Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 4,400,813. August 1983

Subpicosecond ring laser
Richard L. Fork, Benjamin I. Greene and Charles V. Shank
U.S. Patent 4,400,814. August 1983

Monolithic static memory cell and method for its operation
William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 4,396,996. August 1983

Superluminescent LED with Efficient Coupling to Optical Waveguide
Ivan P. Kaminow and Marcuse; Dietrich Marcuse
U.S. Patent 4,376,946. March 1983

Optical Waveguides in InGaAsP and InP
Rodney C. Alferness and Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 4,376,138. March 1983

Wind turbine system
Otto J. M. Smith
U.S. Patent D267,951. February 1983