Patents - 1984

Modular computer system
Jack J. Stiffler, Richard M. Karp, James M. Nolan, Jr., Michael J. Budwey and David A. Wallace
U.S. Patent 4,484,273. November 1984

Dual tone multi frequency digital detector
Martin H. Graham and Enoch Callaway
U.S. Patent 4,484,035. November 1984

Clamshell tomograph
Stephen E. Derenzo and Thomas F. Budinger
U.S. Patent 4,473,749. September 1984

Monolithically integrated read-only memory
William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 4,450,537. May 1984

High speed ribbon cable bus
Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 4,445,048. April 1984

Monolithically integrated circuit with connectible and/or disconnectible circuit portions
William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 4,441,036. April 1984

Alignment of Optical Components
Alastair M. Glass, Ivan P. Kaminow and Donald H. Olson
U.S. Patent 4,428,644. January 1984