Patents - 1987

CMOS logic circuit
Carver A. Mead and John C. Wawrzynek
U.S. Patent 4,716,312. December 1987

Integrated circuit sensor
Richard S. Muller and Roger T. Howe
U.S. Patent 4,674,319. June 1987

Readout system for multi-crystal gamma cameras
Stephen E. Derenzo
U.S. Patent 4,672,207. June 1987

Tactile sensor employing a light conducting element and a resiliently deformable sheet
Richard M. White
U.S. Patent 4,668,861. May 1987

Non-linear echo cancellation of data signals
Oscar E. Agazzi and David G. Messerschmitt
U.S. Patent 4,669,116. May 1987

Hybrid circuit and method
David G. Messerschmitt
U.S. Patent 4,669,115. May 1987