Patents - 1988

Electrically programmable memory device employing source side injection
Albert T. Wu, Ping K. Ko, Tung-Yi Chan and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 4,794,565. December 1988

Three-phase induction motor with single phase power supply
Otto J. M. Smith
U.S. Patent 4,792,740. December 1988

IC processed piezoelectric microphone
Richard S. Muller and Eun S. Kim
U.S. Patent 4,783,821. November 1988

Superluminescent diode and single mode laser
Sze-Keung Kwong, Kam Y. Lau, Nadav Bar-Chaim and Israel Ury
U.S. Patent 4,764,934. August 1988

Passivation of gallium arsenide surfaces with sodium sulfide
Thomas J. Gmitter, Claude J. Sandroff and Eli Yablonovitch
U.S. Patent 4,751,200. June 1988

Method and apparatus for transmission of digital data over a line
Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 4,752,940. June 1988

Flash A/D converter using capacitor arrays
Joey Doernberg, Paul R. Gray and David A. Hodges
U.S. Patent 4,742,330. May 1988

Micromechanical elements and methods for their fabrication
Richard S. Muller, Longsheng Fan and Yu C. Tai
U.S. Patent 4,740,410. April 1988

Electronic system for synthesizing and combining voices of musical instruments
John C. Wawrzynek and Carver A. Mead
U.S. Patent 4,736,663. April 1988

Brain wave source network location scanning method and system
Alan S. Gevins, Nelson H. Morgan and Douglas S. Greer
U.S. Patent 4,736,751. April 1988

Electronic musical instrument
Carver A. Mead, John C. Wawrzynek and Tzu-Mu Lin
U.S. Patent 4,736,333. April 1988

Transparent synchronization of multiple channel data
Elwyn R. Berlekamp
U.S. Patent 4,731,676. March 1988

High speed circuit measurements using photoemission sampling
Jeffrey Bokor, Anthony M. Johnson and Ralph H. Storz
U.S. Patent 4,721,910. January 1988

Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 4,717,896. January 1988