Patents - 1990

Hypersystolic Reed-Solomon decoder
Elwyn R. Berlekamp, Gadiel Seroussi and Po Tong
U.S. Patent 4,958,348. September 1990

Echo cancelling device with frequency sub-band filtering
Andre Gilloire and Martin Vetterli
U.S. Patent 4,956,838. September 1990

Method and apparatus for rapid NMR imaging of nuclear parameters with an object
Lawrence E. Crooks, John C. Hoenninger III, Mitsuaki Arakawa and Jerome R. Singer
U.S. Patent RE33,259. August 1990

Electrostatic micromotor
Roger T. Howe, Jeffrey H. Lang, Martin F. Schlecht, Martin A. Schmidt and Stephen D. Senturia
U.S. Patent 4,943,750. July 1990

High speed photodetector having dual transmission line geometry
Jeffrey Bokor and Anthony M. Johnson
U.S. Patent 4,933,542. June 1990

Coder-decoder for purged extended Golay (22,7) codes
Po Tong, Elwyn R. Berlekamp, Robert J. Currie and Craig K. Rushforth
U.S. Patent 4,926,169. May 1990

Cross-coupled quantum-well stripe laser array
Constance J. Chang-Hasnain and Elyahou Kapon
U.S. Patent 4,922,500. May 1990

Arsenic sulfide surface passivation of III-V semiconductors
Brian G. Bagley, Thomas J. Gmitter and Eli Yablonovitch
U.S. Patent 4,920,078. April 1990

Multiprocessor/memory interconnection network wherein messages sent through the network to the same memory are combined
Abhiram G. Ranade
U.S. Patent 4,920,484. April 1990

Elongated burst trapping
Elwyn R. Berlekamp
U.S. Patent 4,916,702. April 1990

High voltage power IC process
Chenming Hu and Steven P. Sapp
U.S. Patent 4,908,328. March 1990

Constant velocity optical scanning system
Albert P. Pisano
U.S. Patent 4,901,105. February 1990

Very high gain positive feedback CMOS transconductance amplifier
Carlos A. Laber and Paul R. Gray
U.S. Patent 4,897,611. January 1990

Turbulent shear force microsensor
Joseph H. Haritonidis, Roger T. Howe, Martin A. Schmidt and Stephen D. Senturia
U.S. Patent 4,896,098. January 1990