Patents - 1991

Frequency Division Multiple Access Network
Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 5,077,728. December 1991

Imaging system and method using scattered and diffused radiation
Jerome R. Singer, Francisco A. Grunbaum, Philip D. Kohn, Jorge P. Zubelli, John L. Couch, Harold L. Naparst and Geoffrey Latham
U.S. Patent 5,070,455. December 1991

Surface-emitting laser diode
Shing C. Wang, Mutsuo Ogura, Shyh Wang and Wei Hsin
U.S. Patent 5,068,869. November 1991

Active bypass for inhibiting high-frequency supply voltage variations in integrated circuits
Robert G. Meyer
U.S. Patent 5,049,764. September 1991

Method for fabricating side drive electrostatic micromotor
Roger T. Howe, Jeffrey H. Lang, Martin F. Schlecht, Martin A. Schmidt, Stephen D. Senturia, Mehran Mehregany and Lee S. Tavrow
U.S. Patent 5,043,043. August 1991

Apparatus comprising optical pulse-generating means
Young-Kai Chen and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,040,183. August 1991

Monolithic multiple-wavelength laser array
Constance J. Chang-Hasnain
U.S. Patent 5,029,176. July 1991

Optical Communication Systems Using Fabry-Perot Cavities
Andrew R. Chraplyvy, Patrick P. Iannone, Ivan P. Kaminow, Tingye Li, Julian Stone, Lawrence W. Stulz and Robert W. Tkach
U.S. Patent 5,027,435. June 1991

Self-calibrating analog-to-digital converter
Michael Armstrong and Paul R. Gray
U.S. Patent 5,027,116. June 1991

Laterally driven resonant microstructures
William C. Tang and Roger T. Howe
U.S. Patent 5,025,346. June 1991

Low noise magnetoencephalogram system and method
Nelson H. Morgan and Alan S. Gevins
U.S. Patent 5,020,538. June 1991

Method and apparatus for overriding a ROM routine in response to a reset
David E. Culler, Gregory M. Papadopoulos and Richard P. Schneider
U.S. Patent 5,018,062. May 1991

Lead carbonate scintillator materials
Stephen E. Derenzo and William W. Moses
U.S. Patent 5,015,861. May 1991

Optical homodyne receiver
Joseph M. Kahn and Bryon L. Kasper
U.S. Patent 5,007,106. April 1991

Method and apparatus for using ultrasonic energy for moving microminiature elements
Richard M. White
U.S. Patent 5,006,749. April 1991

Method and apparatus for generating secure random numbers using chaos
Greg M. Bernstein and Michael A. Lieberman
U.S. Patent 5,007,087. April 1991

Wideband class AB CRT cathode driver
Robert G. Meyer and Jeffrey D. Scotten
U.S. Patent 4,999,586. March 1991

Electrostatic micromotor
Roger T. Howe, Jeffrey H. Lang, Martin F. Schlecht, Martin A. Schmidt and Stephen D. Senturia
U.S. Patent 4,997,521. March 1991

Method for reconstructing MRI signals resulting from time-varying gradients
Avideh Zakhor and Richard R. Rzedzian
U.S. Patent 4,982,162. January 1991