Patents - 1992

Optical reflector structure, device, method of fabrication, and communications method
Eli Yablonovitch
U.S. Patent 5,172,267. December 1992

Optimal decoding method and apparatus for data acquisition applications of Sigma Delta modulators
Avideh Zakhor and Soren Hein
U.S. Patent 5,164,727. November 1992

Parallel processing system having a broadcast, result, and instruction bus for transmitting, receiving and controlling the computation of data
Nelson H. Morgan and Alan S. Gevins
U.S. Patent 5,163,133. November 1992

Low voltage programming antifuse and transistor breakdown method for making same
Abdelshafy A. Eltoukhy, Gregory W. Bakker and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 5,163,180. November 1992

Circuit including bistable, bipolar transistor
Won-Tien Tsang and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,153,693. October 1992

Cellular neural network
Leon O. Chua and Lin Yang
U.S. Patent 5,140,670. August 1992

Plate-mode ultrasonic sensor
Richard M. White and Stuart W. Wenzel
U.S. Patent 5,129,262. July 1992

Multi-channel HDTV system
Didier J. LeGall and Martin Vetterli
U.S. Patent 5,128,791. July 1992

Integrated scalar and vector processors with vector addressing by the scalar processor
Gregory M. Papadopoulos, David E. Culler and James T. Pinkerton
U.S. Patent 5,123,095. June 1992

Wideband single-ended voltage-to-current converter and gain-control circuit
Robert G. Meyer
U.S. Patent 5,107,224. April 1992

Low friction gripper
Kenneth Y. Goldberg and Merrick L. Furst
U.S. Patent 5,098,145. March 1992

Method of cancelling ghosts from NMR images
Avideh Zakhor and Richard R. Rzedzian
U.S. Patent 5,089,778. February 1992

Apparatus comprising a laser adapted for emission of single mode radiation having low transverse divergence
Young-Kai Chen, Minghwei Hong and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,088,099. February 1992