Patents - 1993

Electronic synapse circuit for artificial neural network
Bernhard Boser and Eduard S├Ąckinger
U.S. Patent 5,274,748. December 1993

Electrically programmable antifuse and fabrication processes
Abdul R. Forouhi, Esmat Z. Hamdy, Chenming Hu and John L. McCollum
U.S. Patent 5,272,101. December 1993

Operational speed improvement for neural network
Bernhard Boser
U.S. Patent 5,271,090. December 1993

Digital optical sound system
Elwyn R. Berlekamp and Lloyd R. Welch
U.S. Patent 5,271,022. December 1993

Digital optical sound system
Elwyn R. Berlekamp and Lloyd R. Welch
U.S. Patent 5,271,021. December 1993

Multiresolution digital television broadcast system
Kannan Ramchandran, Kamil M. Uz and Martin F. Vetterli
U.S. Patent 5,267,021. November 1993

Method and an apparatus for establishing the functional capabilities for wireless communications between a base unit and a remote unit
David G. Messerschmitt, Christopher Flores and Huihung Lu
U.S. Patent 5,267,244. November 1993

Network monitor and test apparatus
Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 5,260,664. November 1993

Wireless communication system
Chun-Meng Su, Saman Behtash, Keith Jarett, Huihung Lu, Christopher Flores and David G. Messerschmitt
U.S. Patent 5,258,995. November 1993

Method and apparatus for power line communications
Martin H. Graham and Howard W. Johnson
U.S. Patent 5,257,006. October 1993

Micro motors and method for their fabrication
Richard S. Muller, Longsheng Fan and Yu C. Tai
U.S. Patent 5,252,881. October 1993

Low temperature germanium-silicon on insulator thin-film transistor
Krishna C. Saraswat and Tsu-Jae King
U.S. Patent 5,250,818. October 1993

Tagged token data processing system with operand matching in activation frames
Gregory M. Papadopoulos, David E. Culler and Arvind Krishnamurthy
U.S. Patent 5,241,635. August 1993

Circuit for digitally adding loss to a signal
Kimerie W. Javitt and Kannan Ramchandran
U.S. Patent 5,237,591. August 1993

Method and means for reducing speckle in coherent laser pulses
William N. Partlo and William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 5,233,460. August 1993

Devices comprised of discrete high-temperature superconductor chips disposed on a surface
Theodore Van Duzer
U.S. Patent 5,215,959. June 1993

Plate-mode ultrasonic structure including a gel
Richard M. White, Stuart W. Wenzel and Benedict J. Costello
U.S. Patent 5,212,988. May 1993

Method of making an article comprising a periodic heteroepitaxial semiconductor structure
Young-Kai Chen, Minghwei Hong, Joseph P. Mannaerts and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,213,995. May 1993

Article comprising a strained layer quantum well laser
Young-Kai Chen, Maurice A. Chin, Jenn-Ming Kuo, Arthur M. Sergent and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,212,704. May 1993

Apparatus and method for reducing errors in data caused by noise
Martin H. Graham, Howard W. Johnson, Philip H. Sutterlin, Chin-Chen Lee and Amy O. Hurlbut
U.S. Patent 5,210,518. May 1993

Method of making a semiconductor laser
Young-Kai Chen, Minghwei Hong and Ming-Chiang Wu
U.S. Patent 5,208,183. May 1993

Patterning method for epitaxial lift-off processing
Thomas J. Gmitter and Eli Yablonovitch
U.S. Patent 5,201,996. April 1993

Non-volatile memory storage of write operation identifier in data storage device
Randy H. Katz, David T. Powers, David H. Jaffe, Joseph S. Glider and Thomas E. Idleman
U.S. Patent 5,195,100. March 1993

Plate-mode ultrasonic sensor
Richard M. White and Stuart W. Wenzel
U.S. Patent 5,189,914. March 1993

Local area network amplifier for twisted pair lines
Martin H. Graham, Anthony J. Ireland, Mark Miller and Matthew Taylor
U.S. Patent 5,191,300. March 1993

Low friction gripper
Kenneth Y. Goldberg and Merrick L. Furst
U.S. Patent 5,186,515. February 1993