Patents - 1995

Wireless telecommunication digital receiver
Kiomars Anvari, Ahmad S. Bahai, Saman Behtash and Peter Winship
U.S. Patent 5,479,453. December 1995

Non-volatile memory storage of write operation identifier in data storage device
Randy H. Katz, David T. Powers, David H. Jaffe, Joseph Glider and Thomas E. Idleman
U.S. Patent 5,475,697. December 1995

Apparatus for measuring voltages and currents using non-contacting sensors
Joel M. Libove and Jerome R. Singer
U.S. Patent 5,473,244. December 1995

Multiconnection switching networks
Richard M. Karp
U.S. Patent 5,469,154. November 1995

Flat cable to flat parallel wire cable
Charles M. Aden, Martin H. Graham, Matthew Taylor and Mark Miller
U.S. Patent 5,467,061. November 1995

Optical mesh-connected bus interconnect for a computer
Yao Li and Satish Rao
U.S. Patent 5,465,379. November 1995

Four-terminal resistor method for measuring electric current in cows
Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 5,465,051. November 1995

Method for selecting graphical objects in quadrants with a cursor
Eric A. Brewer and Mark B. Pinson
U.S. Patent 5,459,831. October 1995

Microelectromechanical signal processors
Liwei Lin, Clark T.-C. Nguyen, Roger T. Howe and Albert Pisano
U.S. Patent 5,455,547. October 1995

Ultrasonic position sensor for measuring movement of an object
Richard M. White and Stuart Wenzel
U.S. Patent 5,450,752. September 1995

Enhanced collision detection for Ethernet network
Charles M. Aden and Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 5,450,594. September 1995

Auditory model for parametrization of speech
Hynek Hermansky, Nelson H. Morgan and Philip D. Kohn
U.S. Patent 5,450,522. September 1995

Capacitorless DRAM device on silicon-on-insulator substrate
Chenming Hu and Hsing-Jen Wann
U.S. Patent 5,448,513. September 1995

Lead frame including an inductor or other such magnetic component
Peng-Cheng Lin, Seth R. Sanders and Hem P. Takiar
U.S. Patent 5,428,245. June 1995

Tunable Optical Waveguide Grating Arrangement
Corrado Dragone, Ivan P. Kaminow and M. Kuznetsor
U.S. Patent 5,425,116. June 1995

EMI suppression coding
Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 5,422,919. June 1995

Electronic synapse circuit for artificial neural network
Bernhard Boser and Eduard S├Ąckinger
U.S. Patent 5,412,565. May 1995

Method and apparatus for compositing compressed video data
Shih-Fu Chang, David Messerschmitt and Wen-Lung Chen
U.S. Patent 5,408,274. April 1995

Method of applying a monolayer lubricant to micromachines
Rodney L. Alley, Roger T. Howe and Kyriakos Komyopoulos
U.S. Patent 5,403,665. April 1995

Reducing leakage current in a thin-film transistor with charge carrier densities that vary in two dimensions
Tsu-Jae King and Michael G. Hack
U.S. Patent 5,401,982. March 1995

Wireless communication system
Chun-Meng Su, Saman Behtash, Keith Jarett, Huihung Lu, Christopher Flores, David G. Messerschmitt and Edward Chien
U.S. Patent 5,398,258. March 1995

Reflective Digitally Tunable Laser
Ivan P. Kaminow and Martin Zirngibl
U.S. Patent 5,396,507. March 1995

Method and apparatus for providing scaleable compressed video signal
Wilson Kwok, Billy W. Beyers, Jr., Babak Ayazifar and Joel W. Zdepski
U.S. Patent 5,387,940. February 1995

Electrically programmable antifuse having a metal to metal structure
Abdul R. Forouhi, Esmat Z. Hamdy, Chenming Hu and John L. McCollum
U.S. Patent 5,387,812. February 1995

Flat cable to flat parallel wire cable
Charles M. Aden, Martin H. Graham, Matthew Taylor and Mark Miller
U.S. Patent 5,379,005. January 1995