Patents - 1996

Microelectromechanical signal processor fabrication
Liwei Lin, Clark T. Nguyen, Roger T. Howe and Albert P. Pisano
U.S. Patent 5,589,082. December 1996

Common mode current cancellation in twisted pairs
Martin H. Graham and Matthew Taylor
U.S. Patent 5,587,692. December 1996

Highly efficient, ultrafast optical-to-electrical converter and method of operating the same
Ming-Chiang Wu and Tatsuo Itoh
U.S. Patent 5,572,014. November 1996

Method and system for facilitating wireless, full-body, real-time user interaction with a digitally represented visual environment
Pattie E. Maes, Bruce M. Blumberg, Trevor Darrell, Thad E. Starner, Michael P. Johnson, Kenneth B. Russell and Alex P. Pentland
U.S. Patent 5,563,988. October 1996

Microfabricated acoustic source and receiver
Amit Lal and Richard M. White
U.S. Patent 5,569,968. October 1996

Sensor with separate actuator and sense fingers
Roger T. Howe and Stephen Bart
U.S. Patent 5,565,625. October 1996

Dynamic threshold voltage MOSFET having gate to body connection for ultra-low voltage operation
Chenming Hu, Ping K. Ko, Fariborz Assaderaghi and Stephen Parke
U.S. Patent 5,559,368. September 1996

Data segmentation within a renegotiated bit-rate service transmission system
Kenneth L. Clarkson, Matthias Grossglauser, Srinivasan Keshav and David Tse
U.S. Patent 5,559,798. September 1996

Circuit technique that sets transconductance
Carlos A. Laber and Paul R. Gray
U.S. Patent 5,559,470. September 1996

Three phase motor operated from a single phase supply and phase converter
Otto J. M. Smith
U.S. Patent 5,545,965. August 1996

Processor and method for developing a set of admissible fixture designs for a workpiece
Randolph C. Brost, Kenneth Y. Goldberg, Aaron S. Wallack and John Canny
U.S. Patent 5,546,314. August 1996

One-to-many simultaneous and reconfigurable optical two-dimensional plane interconnections using multiple wavelength, vertical cavity; surface-emitting lasers and wavelength-dependent detector planes
Alan E. Willner, Constance J. Chang-Hasnain and James E. Leight
U.S. Patent 5,546,209. August 1996

Method for fabricating self-assembling microstructures
John S. Smith and Hsi-Jen J. Yeh
U.S. Patent 5,545,291. August 1996

Apparatus to minimize stiction in micromachined structures
Roger T. Howe, H. Jerome Barber and Michael Judy
U.S. Patent 5,542,295. August 1996

Apparatus and method for routing optical signals through wavelength-coding in a self-routed wavelength addressable network
Constance J. Chang-Hasnain, Kam-Yin Lau, Joseph W. Goodman and Anujan Varma
U.S. Patent 5,541,756. July 1996

Single mode laser with a passive antiguide region
Constance J. Chang-Hasnain, Yongan Wu and Rashit Nabiev
U.S. Patent 5,539,759. July 1996

Noise resistant auditory model for parametrization of speech
Hynek Hermansky and Nelson H. Morgan
U.S. Patent 5,537,647. July 1996

Microelectromechanical signal processors
Liwei Lin, Clark T. Nguyen, Roger T. Howe and Albert P. Pisano
U.S. Patent 5,537,083. July 1996

Optical Frequency Translator
Ivan P. Kaminow and Martin Zirngibl
U.S. Patent 5,524,014. June 1996

Construction of hierarchical networks through extension
Eric A. Brewer and Frederic T. Chong
U.S. Patent 5,519,694. May 1996

Pseudo-nonvolatile memory incorporating data refresh operation
Chenming Hu and Fu-Chieh Hsu
U.S. Patent 5,511,020. April 1996

Laser Control Arrangement for Tuning a Laser
Bernard Glance and Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 5,509,023. April 1996

Differential amplifier based integrator having a left-half plane pole
Carlos A. Laber and Paul R. Gray
U.S. Patent 5,508,570. April 1996

Behavioral synthesis for reconfigurable datapath structures
Lisa Guerra, Miodrag Potkonjak and Jan Rabaey
U.S. Patent 5,502,645. March 1996

Method of forming an ESD and hot carrier resistant integrated circuit structure
Yi-Hen Wei, Ying T. Loh, Chung S. Wang and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 5,496,751. March 1996

Sealed micromachined vacuum and gas filled devices
Richard S. Muller, Carlos H. Mastrangelo and Kirt R. Williams
U.S. Patent 5,493,177. February 1996

Quantization noise reduction in oversampled analog-to-digital signal conversion
Truong-Thao Nguyen and Martin F. Vetterli
U.S. Patent 5,493,297. February 1996

Q-controlled microresonators and tunable electronic filters using such resonators
Clark T.-C. Nguyen and Roger T. Howe
U.S. Patent 5,491,604. February 1996

Silicon-on-insulator transistors having improved current characteristics and reduced electrostatic discharge susceptibility
Chenming Hu, Mansun J. Chan, Hsing-Jen Wann and Ping K. Ko
U.S. Patent 5,489,792. February 1996

Antifuse structure suitable for VLSI application
Guobiao Zhang, Chenming Hu and Steve S. Chiang
U.S. Patent 5,485,031. January 1996

Communication Systems Using Passive RF Routing
Thomas E. Darcie, Ivan P. Kaminow and Dietrich Marcuse
U.S. Patent 5,483,369. January 1996