Patents - 1998

Systems and methods for determining characteristics of a singular circuit
Jaijeet Roychowdhury
U.S. Patent 5,844,821. December 1998

Scheduling resources for continuous media databases
Minos Garofalakis, Banu Ozden and Abraham Silberschatz
U.S. Patent 5,845,279. December 1998

Mixing, modulation and demodulation via electromechanical resonators
Clark Tu-Cuong Nguyen, Vadim Gutnik and Roger T. Howe
U.S. Patent 5,839,062. November 1998

Method and system for implementing multiple leaky bucket checkers using a hybrid synchronous/asynchronous update mechanism
Paul Chang, Roch A. Guerin, Abhay Kumar Parekh and James Thomas Rayfield
U.S. Patent 5,835,711. November 1998

Method and apparatus for fabricating self-assembling microstructures
John Stephen Smith and Hsi-Jen J. Yeh
U.S. Patent 5,824,186. October 1998

Circuit for preventing base line wander of digital signals in a network receiver
Martin H. Graham and Matthew Taylor
U.S. Patent 5,812,597. September 1998

Method and apparatus for purchasing and delivering digital goods over a network
Marvin A. Sirbu, J. D. Tygar, Benjamin T. H. Cox and Thomas Wagner
U.S. Patent 5,809,144. September 1998

Vector processing system with multi-operation, run-time reconfigurable pipelines
Krste Asanović
U.S. Patent 5,805,875. September 1998

Realistic worst-case circuit simulation system and method
James Chieh-Tsung Chen, Zhihong Liu, Chenming Hu and Ping Keung Ko
U.S. Patent 5,790,436. August 1998

Method for fabricating self-assembling microstructures
John Stephen Smith and Hsi-Jen J. Yeh
U.S. Patent 5,783,856. July 1998

Delta doped and counter doped dynamic threshold voltage MOSFET for ultra-low voltage operation
Chenming Hu and Hsing-Jen Wann
U.S. Patent 5,780,899. July 1998

High performance micromechanical tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Constance J. Chang-Hasnain, Edward C. Vail and Marianne S. Wu
U.S. Patent 5,771,253. June 1998

Ferroelectric nonvolatile dynamic random access memory device
Chenming Hu and Reza Moazzami
U.S. Patent 5,768,182. June 1998

Distribution of radio-frequency signals through low bandwidth infrastructures
John B. Georges, David M. Cutrer and Kam Y. Lau
U.S. Patent 5,765,099. June 1998

Monolithic wavelength meter and photodetector using a wavelength dependent reflector
Rashit F. Nabiev, Constance J. Chang-Hasnain, Lars E. Eng and Kam-Yin Lau
U.S. Patent 5,760,419. June 1998

Non-volatile memory storage of write operation identifier in data storage device
Randy H. Katz, David T. Powers, David H. Jaffe, Joseph S. Glider and Thomas E. Idleman
U.S. Patent 5,758,054. May 1998

Intracavity quantum well photodetector integrated within a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser and method of operating same
Sui F. Lim and Connie J. Chang-Hasnain
U.S. Patent 5,757,837. May 1998

System and method for simulating discrete functions using ordered decision arrays
Patrick C. McGeer, Alexander Saldanha and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
U.S. Patent 5,752,000. May 1998

VLSI circuit layout method based on spreading functions and simulated annealing heuristics to minimize area
Satish B. Rao
U.S. Patent 5,737,233. April 1998

JPEG/MPEG decoder-compatible optimized thresholding for image and video signal compression
Kannan Ramchandran, Martin Vetterli, Yanbin Yu and Dimitris Anastassiou
U.S. Patent 5,734,755. March 1998

Microfabricated structure to be used in surgery
Amit Lal and Richard M. White
U.S. Patent 5,728,089. March 1998

Etchants for use in micromachining of CMOS microaccelerometers and microelectromechanical devices and method of making the same
Kristofer S. J. Pister
U.S. Patent 5,726,480. March 1998

CNN programmable topographic sensory device
Frank S. Werblin, Tamas Roska and Leon O. Chua
U.S. Patent 5,717,834. February 1998

Solid phase epitaxial crystallization of amorphous silicon films on insulating substrates
Tsu-Jae King and Jackson H. Ho
U.S. Patent 5,707,744. January 1998