Patents - 1999

Detection of process-induced damage on transistors in real time
Nguyen D. Bui, Chenming Hu, Donggun Park and Scott Zheng
U.S. Patent 6,005,409. December 1999

Method and apparatus for efficient design and analysis of integrated circuits using multiple time scales
Jaijeet Roychowdhury
U.S. Patent 5,995,733. November 1999

Controlled cleavage process using pressurized fluid
Francois J. Henley and Nathan Cheung
U.S. Patent 5,994,207. November 1999

Controlled cleavage process and device for patterned films
Francois J. Henley and Nathan Cheung
U.S. Patent 5,985,742. November 1999

Silicon-on-insulator transistors having improved current characteristics and reduced electrostatic discharge susceptibility
Chenming Hu, Mansun John Chan, Hsing-Jen Wann and Ping Keung Ko
U.S. Patent 5,982,003. November 1999

Method and system providing increased antenna functionality in a RF distribution system
John B. Georges, David M. Cutrer and Kam Y. Lau
U.S. Patent 5,983,070. November 1999

Method and system for locally annealing a microstructure formed on a substrate and device formed thereby
Clark T.-C. Nguyen and Kun Wang
U.S. Patent 5,976,994. November 1999

Resonant accelerometer with flexural lever leverage system
Trey Roessig, Roger T. Howe and Albert P. Pisano
U.S. Patent 5,969,249. October 1999

Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding a bit sequence for transmission over POTS wiring
Martin H. Graham and Harold H. Webber, Jr.
U.S. Patent 5,963,595. October 1999

Vertical optical cavities produced with selective area epitaxy
Gabriel S. Li, Wupen Yuen and Constance J. Chang-Hasnain
U.S. Patent 5,960,024. September 1999

Q-controlled microresonators and tunable electronic filters using such resonators
Clark Tu-Cuong Nguyen and Roger T. Howe
U.S. Patent 5,955,932. September 1999

Contact lens for use with ophthalmic monitoring systems
Lawrence W. Stark
U.S. Patent 5,953,097. September 1999

Magnetic microactuator
Jack W. Judy and Richard S. Muller
U.S. Patent 5,945,898. August 1999

Systems and methods for testing and manufacturing large-scale, transistor-based, nonlinear circuits
Robert C. Melville and Jaijeet Roychowdhury
U.S. Patent 5,930,153. July 1999

Microneedle with isotropically etched tip, and method of fabricating such a device
Albert P. Pisano and Kyle S. Lebouitz
U.S. Patent 5,928,207. July 1999

Optically Restorable WDM Ring Network Using Simple Add/Drop Circuitry
Christopher R. Doerr, Bernard Glance and Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 5,923,449. July 1999

Microfabricated filter and shell constructed with a permeable membrane
Kyle S. Lebouitz, Roger T. Howe and Albert P. Pisano
U.S. Patent 5,919,364. July 1999

Television event marking system
Gregory H. Kelly, Kenneth Y. Goldberg, John S. Gee, Philip D. Levinson and Scott Fullam
U.S. Patent 5,907,322. May 1999

Apparatus for fabricating self-assembling microstructures
John Stephen Smith, Hsi-Jen J. Yeh, Mark A. Hadley and Ashish K. Verma
U.S. Patent 5,904,545. May 1999

Contact lens for use with ophthalmic monitoring systems
Kamran Siminou and Lawrence W. Stark
U.S. Patent 5,903,333. May 1999

Solid phase epitaxial crystallization of amorphous silicon films on insulating substrates
Tsu-Jae King and Jackson H. Ho
U.S. Patent 5,893,949. April 1999

Method of making a sub-ground plane for a micromachined device
Roger T. Howe, Richard S. Payne and Stephen F. Bart
U.S. Patent 5,879,963. March 1999

Low-voltage punch-through transient suppressor employing a dual-base structure
Bin Yu, Chenming Hu, Ya-Chin King, Jeffrey T. Pohlman and Rita Trivedi
U.S. Patent 5,880,511. March 1999

Apparatus and method for optical scanning with an oscillatory microelectromechanical system
Meng-Hsiung Kiang, Kam Y. Lau, Richard S. Muller and Olav Solgaard
U.S. Patent 5,867,297. February 1999

Conductive plane beneath suspended microstructure
Kevin Hin-Leung Chau, Roger T. Howe, Richard S. Payne, Yang Zhao, Theresa A. Core and Steven J. Sherman
U.S. Patent 5,858,809. January 1999

Processor and method for developing a set of admissible fixture designs for a workpiece
Randolph C. Brost, Kenneth Y. Goldberg, John Canny and Aaron S. Wallack
U.S. Patent 5,856,924. January 1999

IC-processed microneedles
Liwei Lin and Albert Pisano
U.S. Patent 5,855,801. January 1999