Patents - 2004

Suppression of MOSFET gate leakage current
Chenming Hu and Yee-Chia Yeo
U.S. Patent 6,830,953. December 2004

Pupilometer with pupil irregularity detection, pupil tracing, and pupil response detection capability, glaucoma screening capability, intracranial pressure detection capability, and ocular aberration measurement capability
Lawrence W. Stark, Claudio M. Privitera, Kamran Siminou and Jeffrey Oliver
U.S. Patent 6,820,979. November 2004

Two-dimensional gimbaled scanning actuator with vertical electrostatic comb-drive for actuation and/or sensing
Behrang Behin, Michael J. Daneman, Meng-Hsiung Kiang, Kam-Yin Lau and Satinderpall Pannu
U.S. Patent 6,819,822. November 2004

Enhancement of NMR and MRI in the presence of hyperpolarized noble gases
Alexander Pines, Thomas Budinger, Gil Navon, Yi-Qiao Song, Stephan Appelt, Angelo Bifone, Rebecca Taylor, Boyd Goodson, Roberto Seydoux, Toomas Room and Tanja Pietrass
U.S. Patent 6,818,202. November 2004

Method of fabricating a wafer with strained channel layers for increased electron and hole mobility for improving device performance
Chien-Chao Huang, Yee-Chia Yeo, Kuo-Nan Yang, Chun-Chieh Lin and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 6,812,116. November 2004

Apparatus and method for controlled cantilever motion through torsional beams and a counterweight
Steven M. Chase, Connie J. Chang-Hasnain and Jeffrey Michael Waite
U.S. Patent 6,813,053. November 2004

Adaptive negative differential resistance device
Tsu-Jae King
U.S. Patent 6,812,084. November 2004

Methods of testing/stressing a charge trapping device
Tsu-Jae King
U.S. Patent 6,806,117. October 2004

Encoding semi-structured data for efficient search and browsing
Moshe Shadmon, Neal Sample, Brian Cooper and Michael J. Franklin
U.S. Patent 6,804,677. October 2004

Low-voltage punch-through transient suppressor employing a dual-base structure
Bin Yu, Chenming Hu, Ya-Chin King, Jeffrey T. Pohlman and Rita Trivedi
U.S. Patent RE38,608. October 2004

Apparatus and method for manipulation of an object
Ronald S. Fearing and Eiji Shimada
U.S. Patent 6,798,120. September 2004

Negative differential resistance (NDR) elements and memory device using the same
Tsu-Jae King
U.S. Patent 6,795,337. September 2004

Dual work function CMOS gate technology based on metal interdiffusion
Igor Polishchuk, Pushkar Ranade, Tsu-Jae King and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 6,794,234. September 2004

Technique for mitigating gate leakage during a sleep state
Elad Alon, Jeffrey L. Burns, Kevin J. Nowka and Rahul M. Rao
U.S. Patent 6,791,361. September 2004

Method and device for controlled cleaving process
Francois J. Henley and Nathan W. Cheung
U.S. Patent 6,790,747. September 2004

Capacitive sensing scheme for digital control state detection in optical switches
Behrang Behin, Michael J. Daneman, Meng-Hsiung Kiang, Kam-Yin Lau and Timothy E. Beerling
U.S. Patent 6,788,520. September 2004

Bonded SOI wafer with <100> device layer and <110> substrate for performance improvement
Haur-Ywh Chen, Yi-Ling Chan, Kuo-Nan Yang, Fu-Liang Yang and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 6,784,071. August 2004

Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Mark G. Johnson, Thomas H. Lee, Vivek Subramanian and Paul Michael Farmwald
U.S. Patent 6,780,711. August 2004

Thermal processing for three dimensional circuits
Vivek Subramanian, James M. Cleeves, N. Johann Knall, Calvin K. Li and Michael A. Vyvoda
U.S. Patent 6,770,939. August 2004

Approximate query processing using wavelets
Kaushik Chakrabarti, Minos Garofalakis, Rajeev Rastogi and Kyuseok Shim
U.S. Patent 6,760,724. July 2004

Vertical cavity apparatus with tunnel junction
Julien Boucart, Constance Chang-Hasnain, Michael Jansen, Rashit Nabiev and Wupen Yuen
U.S. Patent 6,760,357. July 2004

Staggered torsional electrostatic combdrive and method of forming same
Robert A. Conant, Jocelyn T. Nee, Kam-Yin Lau and Richard S. Muller
U.S. Patent 6,758,983. July 2004

Method and apparatus for indexing document content and content comparison with World Wide Web search service
Alex Aiken, Saul Schleimer, Joel Auslander, Daniel Wilkerson, Anthony Tomasic and Steve Fink
U.S. Patent 6,757,675. June 2004

Absolute power detector
Timothy J. Dupuis, David R. Welland, Susanne A. Paul and Ali M. Niknejad
U.S. Patent 6,756,849. June 2004

Multiple-thickness gate oxide formed by oxygen implantation
Ya-Chin King, Tsu-Jae King and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 6,753,229. June 2004

Insulated-gate field-effect transistor integrated with negative differential resistance (NDR) FET
Tsu-Jae King
U.S. Patent 6,754,104. June 2004

Filter-based method and system for measuring angular speed of an object
Clark T.-C. Nguyen and Mustafa U. Demirci
U.S. Patent 6,742,389. June 2004

Sensor geometry correction methods and apparatus
Kameshwar Poolla and Costas J. Spanos
U.S. Patent 6,741,945. May 2004

Micromechanical resonator device
Wan-Thai Hsu and Clark T. C. Nguyen
U.S. Patent 6,739,190. May 2004

Shielded capacitor structure
Susanne A. Paul, Timothy J. Dupuis and Ali M. Niknejad
U.S. Patent 6,737,698. May 2004

Data collection and corrrection methods and apparatus
Kameshwar Poolla and Costas J. Spanos
U.S. Patent 6,738,722. May 2004

Adhesive microstructure and method of forming same
Ronald S. Fearing, Thomas W. Kenny, Kellar Autumn and Robert Full
U.S. Patent 6,737,160. May 2004

Internally shunted Josephson junction device
Theodore Van Duzer, Xiaoxan Meng, Nathan Newman, Lei Yu and Anupama Bhat Kaul
U.S. Patent 6,734,454. May 2004

System for bandwidth allocation in a computer network
William Welch, Steven McCanne and Abhay K. Parekh
U.S. Patent 6,735,633. May 2004

RF power detector
Timothy J. Dupuis, David R. Welland, Ali M. Niknejad and Susanne A. Paul
U.S. Patent 6,727,754. April 2004

Negative differential resistance (NDR) element and memory with reduced soft error rate
Tsu-Jae King
U.S. Patent 6,727,548. April 2004

Memory cell using negative differential resistance field effect transistors
Tsu-Jae King
U.S. Patent 6,724,655. April 2004

Field effect transistor pull-up/load element
Tsu-Jae King
U.S. Patent 6,724,024. April 2004

Semiconductor-on-insulator chip incorporating partially-depleted, fully-depleted, and multiple-gate devices
Hao-Yu Chen, Yee-Chia Yeo, Fu-Liang Yang and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 6,720,619. April 2004

Method and apparatus for interconnection of packet switches with guaranteed bandwidth
Ayman Fawaz and Jean Walrand
U.S. Patent 6,714,517. March 2004

Method and apparatus for filtering signals utilizing a vibrating micromechanical resonator
Clark T.-C. Nguyen
U.S. Patent 6,713,938. March 2004

Provisioning networks for reliable quality of service
Jean Walrand, Rajarshi Gupta and Ayman Fawaz
U.S. Patent 6,711,125. March 2004

Simplified branch metric and method
Michael Ming Tak Leung, Leo Ki Chun Fu, Borivoje Nikolic and James Kar Shing Chiu
U.S. Patent 6,704,903. March 2004

Complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistor technology using selective epitaxy of a strained silicon germanium layer
Yee-Chia Yeo, Chun-Chieh Lin, Fu-Liang Yang and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 6,703,271. March 2004

Charge trapping device and method for implementing a transistor having a configurable threshold
Tsu-Jae King and David K. Y. Liu
U.S. Patent 6,700,115. March 2004

Determination of physical topology of a communication network
Yuri Breitbart, Minos Garofalakis, Clifford Eric Martin, Rajeev Rastogi, Srinivasan Seshadri and Abraham Silberschatz
U.S. Patent 6,697,338. February 2004

Framework for multiple-engine based verification tools for integrated circuits
Jason Raymond Baumgartner, Geert Janssen, Andreas Kuehlmann, Viresh Paruthi and Louise Helen Trevillyan
U.S. Patent 6,698,003. February 2004

Methods and apparatus for transmitting information between a basestation and multiple mobile stations
Pramod Viswanath, Rajiv Laroia and David N. C. Tse
U.S. Patent 6,694,147. February 2004

Method for configuring a device to include a negative differential resistance (NDR) characteristic
Tsu-Jae King and David K. Y. Liu
U.S. Patent 6,693,027. February 2004

Phase detection circuit
Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 6,690,151. February 2004

Multilevel optical signals optimized for systems having signal-dependent and signal-independent noises, finite transmitter extinction ratio and intersymbol interference
Keangpo Ho and Joseph Mardell Kahn
U.S. Patent 6,690,894. February 2004

Multichannel distributed wireless repeater network
Kam Y. Lau, Iason Vassiliou and Mahesh Venkatraman
U.S. Patent 6,690,657. February 2004

Methods and apparatus for obtaining data for process operation, optimization, monitoring, and control
Mason L. Freed, Randall S. Mundt and Costas J. Spanos
U.S. Patent 6,691,068. February 2004

Negative differential resistance (NDR) device and method of operating same
Tsu-Jae King and David K. Y. Liu
U.S. Patent 6,686,631. February 2004

Method for fabricating a dual mode FET and logic circuit having negative differential resistance mode
Tsu-Jae King
U.S. Patent 6,686,267. February 2004

Method and apparatus for enhancing resist sensitivity and resolution by application of an alternating electric field during post-exposure bake
MoSong Cheng and Andrew R. Neureuther
U.S. Patent 6,686,132. February 2004

Shielded spiral sheet antenna structure and method
Eli Yablonovitch, Laurent Declos and Sebastian Rowson
U.S. Patent 6,677,915. January 2004

Web fabrication of devices
Mark A. Hadley, Ann Chiang, Gordon S. W. Craig, Jeffrey Jay Jacobsen, John Stephen Smith, Jay Tu and Roger Green Stewart
U.S. Patent 6,683,663. January 2004

Method for making both a negative differential resistance (NDR) device and a non-NDR device using a common MOS process
Tsu-Jae King and David K. Y. Liu
U.S. Patent 6,680,245. January 2004

Method and apparatus for selecting at least one desired channel utilizing a bank of vibrating micromechanical apparatus
Clark T. C. Nguyen
U.S. Patent 6,680,660. January 2004

Multigate semiconductor device with vertical channel current and method of fabrication
James M. Cleeves and Vivek Subramanian
U.S. Patent 6,677,204. January 2004

Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a symbol over POTS wiring using a multi-cycle waveform
Martin H. Graham, Harold H. Webber, Jr. and Matthew Taylor
U.S. Patent 6,678,321. January 2004

Log-periodic antenna
Gregory Engargiola and Wm. J. Welch
U.S. Patent 6,677,913. January 2004

Method and system for implementing end-to-end QoS in packet-switched networks
Jean Walrand and Rajarshi Gupta
U.S. Patent 6,674,760. January 2004

High performance PD SOI tunneling-biased MOSFET
Kuo-Nan Yang, Yi-Ling Chan, You-Lin Chu, Hou-Yu Chen, Fu-Liang Yang and Chenming Hu
U.S. Patent 6,674,130. January 2004