Patents - 2009

System and method for conducting combinatorial exchanges
Rahul Jain, Charis Kaskiris, Pravin Varaiya, Jun Shu, Ram Rajagopal and Nisha Sivasankara Pillai
U.S. Patent 7,627,510. December 2009

Transistor including paramagnetic impurities and having anti-parallel ferromagnetic contacts
Supriyo Datta and Sayeef Salahuddin
U.S. Patent 7,626,236. December 2009

Systems and processes for decoding a chain reaction code through inactivation
Amin Shokrollahi, Soren Lassen and Richard M. Karp
U.S. Patent 7,633,413. December 2009

Two bit/four bit SONOS flash memory cell
Min She and Tsu-Jae King Liu
U.S. Patent 7,629,640. December 2009

Data path and placement optimization in an integrated circuit through use of sequential timing information
Christoph Albrecht, Philip Chong, Andreas Kuehlmann, Ellen Sentovich and Roberto Passerone
U.S. Patent 7,624,364. November 2009

Printed metal mask for UV, e-beam, ion-beam and X-ray patterning
Jurgen H. Daniel and Ana Claudia Arias
U.S. Patent 7,615,483. November 2009

Adjustable dual-band link
Vladimir Stojanovic, Amir Amirkhany and Jared L. Zerbe
U.S. Patent 7,599,422. October 2009

Striping algorithm for switching fabric
Jean Walrand, John T. Musacchio, Roy T. Myers and Chung Kuang Chin
U.S. Patent 7,586,909. September 2009

Distributed storage cluster architecture
Joshua L. Coates, Patrick E. Bozeman and David A. Patterson
U.S. Patent 7,590,747. September 2009

Temporal decomposition for design and verification
Andreas Kuehlmann and Xiaoqun Du
U.S. Patent 7,596,770. September 2009

Methods of and apparatuses for maintenance, diagnosis, and optimization of processes
Paul Douglas MacDonald, Michiel V.P. Kruger, Michael Welch, Mason L. Freed and Costas J. Spanos
U.S. Patent 7,580,767. August 2009

Method for fabricating vertically-offset interdigitated comb actuator device
Hyuck Choo, David Garmire, Richard S. Muller and James Demmel
U.S. Patent 7,573,022. August 2009

Molded dielectric layer in print-patterned electronic circuits
Jurgen H. Daniel and Ana Claudia Arias
U.S. Patent 7,576,000. August 2009

Transparent optimization for transmission control protocol flow control
Balraj Singh, Amit P. Singh and Vern Paxson
U.S. Patent 7,564,792. July 2009

Optimization of combinational logic synthesis through clock latency scheduling
Christoph Albrecht, Andreas Kuehlmann, David Seibert and Sascha Richter
U.S. Patent 7,559,040. July 2009

Process for controlling performance characteristics of a negative differential resistance (NDR) device
Tsu-Jae King Liu
U.S. Patent 7,557,009. July 2009

MEMS-based, phase-shifting interferometer
Hyuck Choo, Richard S. Muller, David Garmire, James Demmel and Rishi Kant
U.S. Patent 7,564,559. July 2009

Organic thin-film transistor backplane with multi-layer contact structures and data lines
Michael L. Chabinyc, Rene A. Lujan, Ana Claudia Arias and Jackson H. Ho
U.S. Patent 7,566,899. July 2009

Micromechanical structures having a capacitive transducer gap filled with a dielectric and method of making same
Clark Nguyen, Yu-Wei Lin, Sheng-Shiang Li and Yuan Xie
U.S. Patent 7,551,043. June 2009

Method of manufacturing complementary diodes
Patrick Smith
U.S. Patent 7,528,017. May 2009

Sensor apparatus power transfer, communication and maintenance methods and apparatus
Mason L. Freed, Randall S. Mundt and Costas J. Spanos
U.S. Patent 7,531,984. May 2009

Low-power autonomous node for mesh communication network
Kristofer Pister, Yuri S. Zats, Rob Conant and Noah Treuhaft
U.S. Patent 7,529,217. May 2009

Transparent optimization for session establishment using characterized synchronization packet
Balraj Singh, Amit P. Singh and Vern Paxson
U.S. Patent 7,529,246. May 2009

Integrated circuit on corrugated substrate
Tsu-Jae King Liu and Victor Moroz
U.S. Patent 7,528,465. May 2009

System and method for low power radio operation in a wireless packet network
Jonathan W. Hui and David E. Culler
U.S. Patent 7,515,556. April 2009

Method using monolayer etch masks in combination with printed masks
Eugene M. Chow, William S. Wong, Michael Chabinyc, Jeng Ping Lu and Ana Claudia Arias
U.S. Patent 7,524,768. April 2009

Detecting defective ejector in digital lithography system
William S. Wong, Steven E. Ready and Ana Claudia Arias
U.S. Patent 7,514,114. April 2009

ESD Protection Method for Low-Breakdown Integrated Circuits
Robert G. Meyer
U.S. Patent 7,518,846. April 2009

Selectable-tap equalizer
Jared L. Zerbe, Vladimir Stojanovic and Fred F. Chen
U.S. Patent 7,508,871. March 2009

Detection of biochemical interactions on a biosensor using tunable filters and tunable lasers
Brian T. Cunningham, Peter Y. Li, Constance Chang-Hasnain and Carlos Mateus
U.S. Patent 7,497,992. March 2009

Characterizing transmission of data segments within a switch fabric using multiple counters for each destination node
Gaurav Agarwal, John T. Musacchio, Jeonghoon Mo and Jean Walrand
U.S. Patent 7,480,246. January 2009

Fabricated adhesive microstructures for making an electrical connection
Kellar Autumn, Ronald S. Fearing and Steven D. Jones
U.S. Patent 7,476,982. January 2009

Linear transformation circuits
Amir Amirkhany, Vladimir Stojanovic, Elad Alon, Jared LeVan Zerbe and Ma Horowitz
U.S. Patent 7,483,491. January 2009