Patents - 2011

Combined static and dynamic frequency divider chains using thin film transistors
Vivek Subramanian
U.S. Patent 8,085,068. December 2011

Integrated MEMS metrology device using complementary measuring combs
David Garmire, Hyuck Choo, Richard S. Muller, James Demmel and Sanjay Govindjee
U.S. Patent 8,079,246. December 2011

System and method for managing a list of entries containing routing information
Jonathan W. Hui, Alec Woo and David E. Culler
U.S. Patent 8,085,768. December 2011

Method of printing electronic circuits
Jurgen H. Daniel, Ana Claudia Arias and Steven E. Ready
U.S. Patent 8,074,350. December 2011

Method and system for scheduling data transmission in communication systems
Naga Bhushan, Etienne Francois Chaponniere, Peter J. Black and David Tse
U.S. Patent 8,050,198. November 2011

Digraph network timing synchronization
Kristofer Pister
U.S. Patent 8,059,629. November 2011

Thin film field effect transistor with dual semiconductor layers
Sanjiv Sambandan, Ana Claudia Arias and Gregory Lewis Whiting
U.S. Patent 8,053,818. November 2011

Optoelectronic devices and a method for producing the same
J. Devin Mackenzie, Ana Claudia Arias, Richard Henry Friend and Wilhelm Huck
U.S. Patent 8,049,406. November 2011

Sub-wavelength grating integrated VCSEL
Constance Chang-Hasnain, Michael Chung-Yi Huang, Ye Zhou and Carlos Fernando Rondina Mateus
U.S. Patent 8,059,690. November 2011

Cryptographic system and methods using a one way multidimensional function
Benjamin Recht, Neil A. Gershenfeld and Ali Rahimi
U.S. Patent 8,041,037. October 2011

Metal-insulator-metal (MIM) switching devices
Hei Kam and Tsu-Jae King Liu
U.S. Patent 8,044,442. October 2011

Methods and apparatus for transmitting information between a basestation and multiple mobile stations
Pramod Viswanath, Rajiv Laroia and David Tse
U.S. Patent 8,023,904. September 2011

Selectable-tap equalizer
Jared L. Zerbe, Vladimir Stojanovic and Fred F. Chen
U.S. Patent 8,023,584. September 2011

High speed video action recognition and localization
Parvez Ahammad, Chuohao Yeo, Kannan Ramchandran and S. Shankar Sastry
U.S. Patent 8,027,542. September 2011

System, methods and apparatus for generation of simulation stimulus
Andreas Kuehlmann and Nathan Kitchen
U.S. Patent 8,020,125. September 2011

Method for low power radio operation in a wireless packet network
Jonathan W. Hui and David E. Culler
U.S. Patent 8,009,602. August 2011

Equalizing transceiver with reduced parasitic capacitance
Fred F. Chen and Vladimir Stojanovic
U.S. Patent 7,982,507. July 2011

System and method for adjusting power used in transmission in a wireless packet network
Jonathan W. Hui and David E. Culler
U.S. Patent 7,986,652. July 2011

Transistor production using semiconductor printing fluid
Michael L. Chabinyc and Ana Claudia Arias
U.S. Patent 7,980,195. July 2011

Backpressure Mechanism for Switch Fabric
John Musacchio, Jean Walrand, Roy Myers, Shyam Parekh, Jeonghoon Mo and Gaurav Agarwal
U.S. Patent 7,983,287. July 2011

Single-sided lateral-field and phototransistor-based optoelectronic tweezers
Aaron Ohta, Pei-Yu Chiou, Hsan-Yin Hsu, Arash Jamshidi, Ming C. Wu and Steven L. Neale
U.S. Patent 7,956,339. June 2011

Methods of and apparatuses for measuring electrical parameters of a plasma process
Randall S. Mundt, Paul D. MacDonald, Andrew Beers, Mason L. Freed and Costas J. Spanos
U.S. Patent 7,960,670. June 2011

Digraph network subnetworks
Kristofer Pister and Robert M. Shear
U.S. Patent 7,961,664. June 2011

Phase-separated composite films and methods of preparing the same
Alberto Salleo, Ana Claudia Arias and William S. Wong
U.S. Patent 7,964,440. June 2011

Microfabricated reactor, process for manufacturing the reactor, and method of amplification
M. Allen Northrup and Richard M. White
U.S. Patent 7,935,312. May 2011

Transparent optimization for transmission control protocol flow control
Balraj Singh, Amit P. Singh and Vern Paxson
U.S. Patent 7,940,665. May 2011

Remote collaborative control and direction
Ken Goldberg, Judith Donath, Eric Paulos, David Pescovitz, Kelly Dobson, Matthew Lee, Anthony Levandowski, Dezhen Song, Dana Spiegel and Derek Tang
U.S. Patent 7,937,285. May 2011

Pyramid match kernel and related techniques
Kristen Grauman and Trevor Darrell
U.S. Patent 7,949,186. May 2011

Process-variation tolerant diode, standard cells including the same, tags and sensors containing the same, and methods for manufacturing the same
Vivek Subramanian and Patrick Smith
U.S. Patent 7,932,537. April 2011

Optimal route selection in a content delivery network
Claudson F. Bornstein, Timothy K. Canfield, Gary L. Miller, Satish Rao and Ravi Sundaram
U.S. Patent 7,929,429. April 2011

Dictionary generation method for video and image compression
Avideh Zakhor and Phillippe Schmid
U.S. Patent RE42,272. April 2011

System and method for performing memory operations in a computing system
Steven C. Miller, Martin M. Deneroff, Curt F. Schimmel, Larry Rudolph, Charles E. Leiserson, Bradley C. Kuszmaul and Krste Asanović
U.S. Patent 7,925,839. April 2011

System and method for performing memory operations in a computing system
Steven C. Miller
U.S. Patent 7,925,839. April 2011

Adjustable dual-band link
Vladimir Stojanovic, Amir Amirkhany and Jared L. Zerbe
U.S. Patent 7,907,676. March 2011

Resonator system such as a microresonator system and method of making same
Clark Nguyen and Yu-Wei Lin
U.S. Patent 7,911,296. March 2011

Temporal decomposition for design and verification
Andreas Kuehlmann and Xiaoqun Du
U.S. Patent 7,900,173. March 2011

Reducing critical cycle delay in an integrated circuit design through use of sequential slack
Christoph Albrecht, Philip Chong, Andreas Kuehlmann, Ellen Sentovich and Roberto Passerone
U.S. Patent 7,913,210. March 2011

Actively switchable nano-structured adhesive
Ronald S. Fearing, Abraham Bachrach, Richard Groff and Carmel Majidi
U.S. Patent 7,914,912. March 2011

Electronic device with unique encoding
Robert A. Street and Ana Claudia Arias
U.S. Patent 7,897,439. March 2011

Mechanism for streaming media data over wideband wireless networks
Jeffrey M. Gilbert, Kannan Ramchandran and Guocong Song
U.S. Patent 7,881,258. February 2011

Low-powered autonomous radio node with temperature sensor and crystal oscillator
Kristofer Pister, Yuri S. Zats, Robert Alan Conant and Noah Treuhaft
U.S. Patent 7,881,239. February 2011

Selectable-tap equalizer
Jared L. Zerbe, Vladimir Stojanovic and Fred F. Chen
U.S. Patent 7,873,115. January 2011

Digraph network superframes
Kristofer Pister and Robert M. Shear
U.S. Patent 7,873,043. January 2011

Methods of designing an integrated circuit on corrugated substrate
Tsu-Jae King Liu and Victor Moroz
U.S. Patent 7,960,232. January 2011

Photo-based mobile deixis system and related techniques
Trevor Darrell, Tom Yeh and Konrad Tollmar
U.S. Patent 7,872,669. January 2011

Horizontal coffee-stain method using control structure to pattern self-organized line structures
Sanjiv Sambandan, Robert A. Street and Ana Claudia Arias
U.S. Patent 7,867,916. January 2011