Patents - 2013

Intelligent board game system with visual marker based game object tracking and identification
Theodore Morichau-Beauchant and Michel Maharbiz
U.S. Patent 8,602,857. December 2013

Fabricated adhesive microstructures for making an electrical connection
Kellar Autumn, Ronald S. Fearing and Steven D. Jones
U.S. Patent 8,610,290. December 2013

Integrated magnetic field generation and detection platform
Octavian Florescu, Bernhard Boser and Moritz Mattmann
U.S. Patent 8,614,572. December 2013

Methods and apparatus to retrofit wired healthcare and fitness systems for wireless operation
Surendar Magar, Louis Yun, James Beck, Venkateswara R. Sattiraju and Ali Niknejad
U.S. Patent 8,611,319. December 2013

Optimizing integrated circuit design through use of sequential timing information
Christoph Albrecht, Philip Chong, Andreas Kuehlmann, Ellen Sentovich and Roberto Passerone
U.S. Patent 8,589,845. November 2013

Methods and apparatus for energy demand management
Jacob S. Beal and Jonathan Bachrach
U.S. Patent 8,583,291. November 2013

Data client
Ion Stoica, Hui Zhang, Steven R. Mccanne, Jibin Zhan and Aditya R. Ganjam
U.S. Patent 8,566,436. October 2013

All-spin logic devices
Behtash Behin-Aein, Srikant Srinivasan, Angik Sarkar, Supriyo Datta and Sayeef Salahuddin
U.S. Patent 8,558,571. October 2013

System and method for computing cost metrics for wireless network links
Jonathan W. Hui and David E. Culler
U.S. Patent 8,571,030. October 2013

System and method for storing communications intended for different groups using a limited amount of space
Alec Woo and David E. Culler
U.S. Patent 8,554,965. October 2013

High speed signaling system with adaptive transmit pre-emphasis
Vladimir Stojanovic, Andrew C. Ho, Anthony Bessios, Fred F. Chen, Elad Alon and Mark A. Horowitz
U.S. Patent 8,564,328. October 2013

Self managing a low power network
Yuri Zats, Kristofer Pister, William Alan Lindsay and Lance R. Doherty
U.S. Patent 8,532,002. September 2013

Semiconductor on insulator (XOI) for high performance field effect transistors
Ali Javey, Hyunhyub Ko and Kuniharu Takei
U.S. Patent 8,525,228. September 2013

High contrast grating based saturable absorber for mode-locked lasers and its applications in passively mode-locked vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Constance Chang-Hasnain, Weijian Yang, Christopher Chase and Forrest G. Sedgwixk
U.S. Patent 8,526,471. September 2013

Performance Zones
Mostafa Tofighbakhsh, Shyam Parekh and David Wolter
U.S. Patent 8,526,932. September 2013

Method and system for identification or verification for an object, a person, or their attributes
Lotfi A. Zadeh
U.S. Patent 8,515,890. August 2013

Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Mark G. Johnson, Thomas H. Lee, Vivek Subramanian, Paul Michael Farmwald and James M. Cleeves
U.S. Patent 8,503,215. August 2013

Simultaneous bi-directional link
Elad Alon, Sudhakar Pamarti, Fariborz Assaderaghi and Kun-Yung Chang
U.S. Patent 8,509,321. August 2013

Method and Apparatus for Identifying Network Connectivity Changes in Dynamic Networks
Gary Atkinson, Xiang Liu, Ramesh Nagarajan and Shyam Parekh
U.S. Patent 8,509,098. August 2013

Power management of networked devices
Shankar Mukherjee, Jean Walrand and Nicholas Bamboz
U.S. Patent 8,488,500. July 2013

Detecting problems in content distribution
Karthik K. Lakshminarayanan, Aditya R. Ganjam, Ion Stoica and Hui Zhang
U.S. Patent 8,489,923. July 2013

Optimal route selection in a content delivery network
Claudson F. Bornstein, Timothy K. Canfield, Gary L. Miller, Satish Rao and Ravi Sundaram
U.S. Patent 8,477,630. July 2013

HCG reflection enhancement in diverse refractive index material
Constance Chang-Hasnain, Christopher Chase and Vadim Karagodsky
U.S. Patent 8,488,646. July 2013

Methods for fabrication of positional and compositionally controlled nanostructures on substrate
Ji Zhu, Jeff Grunes, Yang-Kyu Choi, Jeffrey Bokor and Gabor Samorjai
U.S. Patent 8,486,287. July 2013

Methods and systems for applications for Z-numbers
Lotfi A. Zadeh
U.S. Patent 8,463,735. June 2013

Process-variation tolerant series-connected NMOS and PMOS diodes, and standard cells, tags, and sensors containing the same
Vivek Subramanian and Patrick Smith
U.S. Patent 8,471,308. June 2013

Selectable-Tap Equalizer
Jared L. Zerbe, Vladimir Stojanovic and Fred F. Chen
U.S. Patent 8,467,437. June 2013

Selectable-tap equalizer
Jared L. Zerbe, Vladimir Stojanovic and Fred F. Chen
U.S. Patent 8,472,511. June 2013

Centrally coordinated peer assignment
Ion Stoica, Hui Zhang, Steven R. Mccanne, Jibin Zhan and Aditya R. Ganjam
U.S. Patent 8,458,333. June 2013

Localization using virtual antenna arrays in modulated backscatter RFID systems
Kannan Ramchandran, Ben J. Wild, Artem Tkachenco and Upamanyu Madhow
U.S. Patent 8,446,253. May 2013

Ultra-low loss hollow core waveguide using high-contrast gratings
Constance Chang-Hasnain, Ye Zhou, Vadim Karagodsky, Forrest G. Sedgwixk and Michael Chung-Yi Huang
U.S. Patent 8,442,374. May 2013

Queue Management Unit and Method for Streaming Video Packets in a Wireless Network
Shyam Parekh, Doru Calin and Ehsan Haghani
U.S. Patent 8,443,097. May 2013

Phase from defocused color images
Laura Waller and George Barbastathis
U.S. Patent 8,432,553. April 2013

Method and apparatus matching incoming to outgoing vehicle signatures to estimate arterial vehicular movement
Karric Kwong, Robert Kavaler, Ram Rajagopal and Pravin Varaiya
U.S. Patent 8,428,857. April 2013

Equalizing receiver
Vladimir Stojanovic, Mark A. Horowitz, Jared L. Zerbe, Anthony Bessios, Andrew C.C. Ho, Jason C. Wei, Grace Tsang and Bruno W. Garlepp
U.S. Patent 8,428,196. April 2013

Temporal decomposition for design and verification
Andreas Kuehlmann and Xiaoqun Du
U.S. Patent 8,413,090. April 2013

Temporal decomposition for design and verification
Andreas Kuehlmann and Xiaoqun Du
U.S. Patent 8,418,101. April 2013

Method and apparatus generating estimates vehicular movement involving multiple input-output roadway nodes
Karric Kwong, Robert Kavaler, Pravin Varaiya and Ram Rajagopal
U.S. Patent 8,396,650. March 2013

Switching content
Ningning Hu, John W. Heffner, Mei-Hsuan Lu, Aditya R. Ganjam and Ion Stoica
U.S. Patent 8,402,494. March 2013

Method and structure for establishing contacts in thin film transistor devices
Jurgen H. Daniel, Ana Claudia Arias and Michael Chabinyc
U.S. Patent 8,389,346. March 2013

Printed compatible designs and layout schemes for printed electronics
Zhigang Wang, Vivek Subramanian and Lee Cleveland
U.S. Patent 8,383,952. February 2013

Optimization of streaming data throughput in unreliable networks
Minghua Chen and Avideh Zakhor
U.S. Patent 8,379,535. February 2013

System and method for reliably communicating information without explicit acknowledgments including retransmission of older, missed commands
Alec Woo and David E. Culler
U.S. Patent 8,370,693. February 2013

System and method for reliably communicating information without explicit acknowledgements
Alec Woo and David E. Culler
U.S. Patent 8,351,844. January 2013