Patents - 2016

Wireless communications systems using multiple radios
Louis C. Yun, Ali Niknejad, Venkateswara Rao Sattiraju, James C. Beck and Surendar Magar
U.S. Patent 9,277,534. March 2016

Method and system for analyzing and recognition of an emotion or expression from multimedia, text, or sound track
Lotfi A. Zadeh
U.S. Patent 9,262,688. February 2016

Managing synchronized data requests in a content delivery network
Ion Stoica, Hui Zhang and Aditya R. Ganjam
U.S. Patent 9,264,780. February 2016

Localizing tagged assets using modulated backscatter
Ben J. Wild, Artem Tkachenko, Kannan Ramchandran and Upamanyu Madhow
U.S. Patent 9,262,912. February 2016

Detecting problems in content distribution
Karthik K. Lakshminarayanan, Aditya R. Ganjam, Ion Stoica and Hui Zhang
U.S. Patent 9,239,750. January 2016

Source assignment based on network partitioning
Ion Stoica, Hui Zhang, Xi Liu, Florin Dobrian and Henry Milner
U.S. Patent 9,246,965. January 2016

Systems and processes for decoding chain reaction codes through inactivation
Amin Shokrollahi, Soren Lassen and Richard M. Karp
U.S. Patent 9,240,810. January 2016