Technical Reports - 1968

Periodic Responses of Nonlinear Feedback Systems (M258)
A.R. Bergen and R.L. Franks

On the Convergence of Optimization Algorithms (M256)
E. Polak

Computer Programs for Certain Problems in Electric and Magnetic Fields and Electron Streams in Two-Dimensional Systems (M255)
R.A. Rao and K.A. Fox

The Estimation of Modes and Its Application to Pattern Classification (M254)
Michael W. Blasgen

CANDOFD (Computer Analysis of Networks With Design Orientation in the Frequency Domain) (M253)
Paul M. Russo

CANINE (Computer Analysis of Networks via Inversion of Network Equations) (M252)
Paul M. Russo

CANDO (Computer Analysis of Networks With Design Orientation) (M251)
Paul M. Russo

Computer Studies of Temperature Compensation in Selective Amplifiers (M250)
William J. McCalla

Stability of a Nonlinear Time-Invariant Feedback System Under Almost Constant Factors (M249)
C.A. Desoer and M.Y. Wu

State Estimation of Power Systems (M248)
Antonio R. Zarate, G.E. Mauerberger and J.M. Smith

Temperature Sensitivity of Integrated Oscillators (M247)
Richard F. Adams

On Stochastic Differential Equations Arising in State Estimation Problems (M246)
Frank P. Romeo, Jr.

The Distribution of Intervals Between Zeros For a Stationary Gaussian Process (M245)
E. Wong

Non-adiabatic and Stochastic Mechanisms for Cyclotron Resonance Trapping and Heating in Mirror Geometries (M244)
Allan J. Lichtenberg, Marvin J. Schwartz and David T. Tuma

Monolithic Wideband Amplifiers (M243)
Bruce A. Wooley

The Capacity of Classes of Unknown Channels (M242)
L.J. Forys and P.P. Varaiya

Existence of Saddle Points in Differential Games (M241)
P. Varaiya and J. Lin

Turbulent Heating and Compression Experiments in B.M.E. II (Berkeley Mirror Experiment II) (M240)
H. deKluvier

Fuzzy Algorithms (M236)
L.A. Zadeh

On the Removal of Ill Conditioning Effects In the Computation of Optimal Controls (M235)
E. Polak