Technical Reports - 1971

Matroid with Parity Conditions: A New Class of Combinatorial Optimization Problems (M334)
Eugene L. Lawler

Matroid Intersection Algorithms (M333)
Eugene L. Lawler

A Matroid Generalization of a Theorem of Medelsohn and Dulmage (M328)
Sukhamay Kundu and Eugene L. Lawler

Optimal Sequencing of a Single Machine Subject to Precedence Constraints (M327)
E.L. Lawler

Studies on Graph Theory: 1. Partial Squares of Trees 2. Factorization of Graphs (M326)
Sukhamay Kundu

Symbolic Analysis of Linear Networks (M322)
Jacob Katzenelson and Shalom Tsur

Nonlinear Monotone Networks (M321)
C.A. Desoer and F.F. Wu

A Matrix Decomposition-Reduction Procedure For the Pole-Zero Calculation of Transfer Functions (M318)
Tatsuo Ohtsuki and Lap-Kit Cheung

Algorithm Verification Applied to the Todd-Coxeter Algorithm (M317)
Carolyn T. Williamson and W.D. Maurer

A Sparse Matrix Method For Analysis of Piecewise-Linear Resistive Networks (M316)
T. Fujisawa, E.S. Kuh and T. Ohtsuki

Fasbol, A SNOBL4 Compiler (M314)
Paul Joseph Santos Jr.

Discrete-Time Convolution Feedback Systems (M313)
F.M. Callier and C.A. Desoer

Convolution Feedback Systems (M312)
C.A. Desoer and F.M. Callier

An Assessment of Energy and Materials Utilization in the USA (M310)
A.B. Makhijani and A.J. Lichtenberg

Design of Linear Multivariable Systems (M309)
Shih-Ho Wang

The k-Factor Conjecture is True (M308)
Sukhamay Kundu

Nonlinear N-Ports: I--Characterization, Classification, and Representation (M307)
L.O. Chua and Y-F Lam

Theory of Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating II: Long Time and Stochastic Effects (M306)
M.A. Lieberman and A.J. Lichtenberg

Theory of Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating I: Short Time and Adiabatic Effects (M305)
F. Jaeger, A.J. Lichtenberg and M.A. Lieberman

Dynamic Programming Conditions for Partially Observable Stochastic Systems (M304)
M.H.A. Davis and P.P. Varaiya

Synthesis of Nonlinear DC Circuit Models for Three-Terminal Devices (M303)
Leon O. Chua

Fuzzy Languages and Their Relation to Human and Machine Intelligence (M302)
L.A. Zadeh

Rate of Convergence of a Class of Methods of Feasible Directions (M301)
O. Pironneau and E. Polak

Global Inverse Function Theorem (M300)
Felix F. Wu and Charles A. Desoer

A Dual Method for Optimal Control Problems with Initial and Final Boundary Constraints (M299)
O. Pironneau and E. Polak

Stochastic and Adiabatic Behavior of Particles Accelerated by Periodic Forces (M298)
M.A. Lieberman and A.J. Lichtenberg

An Adaptive Algorithm for Unconstrained Optimization with an Application to Optimal Control (M297)
R. Klessig and E. Polak

On the Rate of Convergence of Certain Methods of Centers (M296)
O. Pironneau and E. Polak

Recent Results Concerning the Input-Output Properties of Linear Time-Invariant Systems (M295)
C.A. Desoer and F.L. Lam