Bounds on Backtrack Algorithms for Listing Cycles, Paths, and Spanning Trees (M433)
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Analysis of Calendaring Strategies for Criminal Jury Trials in Court Systems (M423)
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Testing Graph Connectivity (M422)
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Cities as Public Goods (M417)
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An Overview of the VERS2 Project: High Level Languages in Automatic Programming (M416)
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Latent Components in the EKG (M414)
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On Worst-Case Costs for Dynamic Data Element Security Decisions (M413)
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BUDS: The Berkeley Urban Data System (M412)
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The Concept of a Linguistic Variable and its Application to Approximate Reasoning (M411)
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Uni-Moment Method of Solving Antenna and Scattering Problems (M410)
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Drift Waves in a Two-Ion Species Plasma (M408)
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Martingales on Jump Processes (Part I) (M407)
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On the Solutions of a Stochastic Control System II (M406)
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Estimation Theory for Continuous Time Processes, A Martingale Approach (M405)
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Correctness of Programs Manipulating Data Structures (M404)
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The Multiplicity of an Increase Family of Sigma-Fields (M403)
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Ion Cyclotron Effects on the Modified Two Stream Instability (M402)
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Fasbol- 6000: A Snobol4 Compiler For the CDC 6000 Series (M401)
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Examples in Verification of the Fortran Verifier (M400)
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Optimizing Models for Urban Development (M399)
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Monopolistic/ Competitive Production, Joint/Separate Land Owndership and City Size (M398)
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Functional Semantics of Programming Languages (M395)
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Introduction to Programming Science, Part II: Proofs of Assertions About Programs (M394)
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A Mermistive Circuit Model for P-N Junction Diodes (M393)
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An Algorithm For Modeling the Sinusoidal Input/Steady-State Response Behavior of Nonlinear Systems Over a Set of Frequencies and Amplitudes (M390)
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Realization of High Security Shared-Resource Computer Systems Based on Execute-Only Segments (M389)
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Consecutive Retrieval Information System (M384)
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A Generalized Nyquist-Type Stability Criterion for Multivariable Feedback Systems (M383)
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SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) (M382)
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An Asymptotic Expansion for the Quantization Error of Closely Spaced Uniform Quantizers with Gaussian Input (M381)
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On the Size of Derivation Tree (M380)
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Interconnection, Decomposition, and Synthesis of Nonlinear N-Ports (M379)
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Execution Time Requirements for Programmed Encryption Methods (M378)
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On the Use of Optimization Algorithms in the Design of Linear Systems (M377)
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The Boardered Triangular Matrix and Minimum Essential Sets of Digraph (M375)
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An Assembly of Residential Energy Utilization in the U.S.A. (M370)
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