Technical Reports - 1976

The Spatial Structure of Production with a Leontief Technology II: Substitute Techniques (M618)
U. Schweizer and P. Varaiya

Division of Labor- Simon Revisited (M617)
R. Artle, C. Humes Jr. and P. Varaiya

Topological Generation and Analysis of Voltage Multiplier Circuits (M616)
P.M. Lin and L.O. Chua

NP-Complete Decision Problems for Binary Quadratics (M615)
Kenneth L. Adleman and Leonard Adleman

An Exact Penalty Function Algorithm for Optimal Control Problems with Control and Terminal Equality Constraints (M614)
D.Q. Mayne and E. Polak

A New Algorithm for Modal Approach to Reduced-Order Modeling (M613)
Felix F. Wu and N. Narasimhamurthi

A distributed Data Base Version of INGRES (M612)
Michael Stonebraker and Eric Neuhold

A Note on the Extension Principle for Fuzzy Sets (M611)
H.T. Nguyen

The Drift Cone Mode and the Radial Localization Problem: A Review (M610)
M.J. Gerver

On the Spatial Breadth of Spatial Frequency Channels in Human Visual Detection (M609)
Matthew C. Halter

Fuzzy Sets and Their Application To Pattern Classification and Cluster Analysis (M607)
L.A. Zadeh

Sur Un Estimateur Non Parametrique De La Densite De Probabilite (M606)
G. Banon

Modeling the Steady-State Response of Nonlinear Devices and Systems (M603)
L.O. Chua and S.M. Kang

Normal Modes of a Loss Cone Plasma Slab with Steep Density Gradient (M602)
M.J. Gerver and C.K. Birdsall

The Entropy of Address Fields in Pascal Programs (M601)
James Jatczynski

Interprocedural Data Flow Analysis Based on Transitive Closure (M600)
Jeffrey M. Barth

Non-Parametric Etimation for Diffusion Processes (M599)
G. Banon

Sub-Optimum Solution of the Back-Board Ordering with Channel Capacity Constraint (M598)
S. Goto, I. Cederbaum and B.S. Ting

Application of the Theory of Stochastic Control to Financial and Economic Systems (M597)
Caro Lucas

Complete Stability (M596)
L.O. Chua and N.N. Wang

On Fuzziness and Linguistic Probabilities (M595)
Hung T. Nguyen

The Ingres Protection System (M594)
Michael Stonebraker and Peter Rubinstein

Roundoff Error in the Solution of Finite Element Systems (M593)
Beresford Parlett

Program Reference for SPICE2 (M592)
Ellis Cohen

Fuzzy Punctuation or the Continuum of Grammaticality (M590)
Thomas T. Ballmer

An Edge-Oriented Adjacency List for Undirected Graphs (M589)
L.K. Chen, B.S. Ting and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

A New Shortest Path Unating Algorithm (M588)
S. Goto and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Nonuniform Pulse Code Modulation Encoding Using Integrated Circuit Techniques (M587)
Yannis P. Tsividis

An Application of the Theory of Computational Complexity to the Study of Inductive Inferene (M586)
Dana Angluin

A New Analytical Representation for Section-Wise Piecewise-Linear Functions and its Applications (M585)
Leon O. Chua

Local and Fuzzy Logics (M584)
R.E. Bellman and L.A. Zadeh

The Geometry of Efficient Hashing Algorithms (M583)
Azad Bolour

Node-tearing Nodal Analysis (M582)
A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, L.-K. Chen and L.O. Chua

The Probabilistic Analysis of some Combinational Search Algorithms (M581)
Richard M. Karp

An Experiment in Program Reconstructuring for Performance Enhancement (M580)
Domenico Ferrari and Edwin Lau

N-Mos Operational Amplifier Study (M578)
Bedrich Hostica

The Design and Implementation of Ingres (M577)
Michael Stonebraker, Eugene Wong, Peter Kreps and Gerald Held

The Linguistic Approach and its Application to Decision Analysis (M576)
L.A. Zadeh