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Viscous Plasma Flow in a Multiple-Mirror Configuration (M80/56)
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Algorithms for Computing Almost-Periodic Steady-State Response of Nonlinear Systems to Multiple Input Frequencies (M80/55)
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High Speed CMOS A/D Conversion Techniques (M80/54)
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Convex Geometry and Group Choice (M80/53)
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Computing Maximal "Polymatroidal" Network Flows (M80/52)
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Fourier Transforms in VLSI (M80/51)
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A Formal Model of Crash Recovery in a Distributed System (M80/48)
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Operating System Support for Data Base Management (M80/47)
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Double-Row Planar Routing and Permutation Layout (M80/46)
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A Non-differentiable Optimization Algorithm for the Design of Control Systems Subject to Singular Value Inequalities Over a Frequency Range (M80/41)
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Residual Bounds on Approximate Eigensystems of Nonnormal Matrices (M80/39)
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PHRAN: A Knowledge-Based Approach to Natural Language Analysis (M80/34)
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Meta-planning: Representing and Using Knowledge about Planning in Problem Solving and Natural Language Understanding (M80/33)
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An Implementable Algorithm for the Optimal Design Centering, Tolerancing and Tuning Problem (M79/33)
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Accurate Computation of Divided Differences (M80/28)
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Modularization of Large Comuting Systems (M80/27)
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Dynamic Re-Materialization: Processing Distributed Queries Using Redundant Data (M80/26)
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Analysis of Distributed Data Base Processing Strategies (M80/25)
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Database Design and Translation for Mutliple Data Models (M80/24)
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Dynamic Arrays Via a Modified Ratfor Preprocessor (M80/23)
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Sensitivity Analysis for Combinatorial Optimization (M80/22)
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Identification of Groups of E-Coherent Generators (M80/21)
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Algorithms for Optimal Design (M80/18)
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Points: A Theory of Story Content (M80/17)
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Embedding Expert Knowledge and Hypothetical Databases into a Data Base System (M80/15)
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A Quadratically Convergent Algorithm for Solving Infinite Dimensional Inequalities (M80/11)
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L-Fuzzy- An AI Language with Linguistic Modification of Patterns (M80/10)
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Query Processing Techniques for Distributed, Relational Data Base Systems (M80/9)
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On the Solution of Singular Value Inequalities Over a Continuum of Frequencies (M80/8)
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The Simulation of MOS Integrated Circuits Using SPICE2 (M80/7)
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On a Class of Acyclic Directed Graphs (M80/6)
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Asymptotic Unbounded Root Loci-Formulae and Computation (M81/6)
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Stability Analysis of Multimachine Power Networks with Linear Frequency Dependent Loads (M81/5)
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Two-Way Deterministic Finite Automata are Exponentially More Succint than Sweeping Automata (M80/4)
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