Achieving AI Alignment with Unreliable Supervision (EECS-2024-148)
Shivam Singhal, Cassidy Laidlaw and Anca Dragan

CoS: Enhancing Personalization and Mitigating Bias with Context Steering (EECS-2024-99)
Sashrika Pandey, Zhiyang He, Mariah Schrum and Anca Dragan

Similarity-Based Representation Learning (EECS-2023-78)
Yi Liu, Andreea Bobu and Anca Dragan

Learning Representations that Enable Generalization in Assistive Tasks (EECS-2022-233)
Zhiyang He and Anca Dragan

Teaching Robots to Span the Space of Functional Expressive Motion (EECS-2022-45)
Arjun Sripathy, Andreea Bobu, Zhongyu Li, Koushil Sreenath, Daniel Brown and Anca Dragan

Inducing Structure in Reward Learning by Learning Features (EECS-2021-219)
Andreea Bobu, Marius Wiggert, Claire Tomlin and Anca Dragan

Enabling Generalization of Human Models for Human-AI Collaboration to New Tasks (EECS-2021-199)
Xiaocheng Yang and Anca Dragan

Learning with Humans in the Loop (EECS-2020-76)
Gokul Swamy