Collaborative Tools and Strategies for Data-driven Development Engineering (EECS-2021-18)
Jordan Freitas and Eric Brewer

GSM Whitespaces: An Opportunity for Rural Cellular Service (EECS-2013-198)
Shaddi Hasan, Kurtis Heimerl, Kate Harrison, Kashif Ali, Sean Roberts, Anant Sahai and Eric Brewer

Rangzen: Circumventing Government-Imposed Communication Blackouts (EECS-2013-128)
Giulia Fanti, Yahel Ben David, Sebastian Benthall, Eric Brewer and Scott Shenker

Enabling Rural Connectivity with SDN (EECS-2012-201)
Shaddi Hasan, Yahel Ben David, Robert Colin Scott, Eric Brewer and Scott Shenker

SharC: Checking Data Sharing Strategies for Multithreaded C (EECS-2008-25)
Zachary Ryan Anderson, David Gay, Rob Ennals and Eric Brewer

Twinkle: Network Power Scheduling in Sensor Networks (CSD-05-1409)
Barbara Hohlt and Eric A. Brewer

Program Context Specific Buffer Caching with AMP (CSD-05-1379)
Feng Zhou, Rob von Behren and Eric Brewer

Tython: a Dynamic Simulation Environment for Sensor Networks (CSD-05-1372)
Michael Demmer, Philip Levis, August Joki, Eric Brewer and David Culler

Flexible Power Scheduling for Sensor Networks (CSD-03-1293)
Barbara Hohlt, Lance R. Doherty and Eric A. Brewer

Fault-tolerant, Scalable, Wide-Area Internet Service Composition (CSD-01-1129)
Zhuoqing Morley Mao, Randy H. Katz and Eric A. Brewer

A Design Framework for Highly Concurrent Systems (CSD-00-1108)
Matt Welsh, Steven D. Gribble, Eric A. Brewer and David Culler