Technical Reports - Armando Fox

SKYE: Motion Detection & Tracking with SEJITS (EECS-2017-115)
Mihir Patil

AutoStyle: Scale-driven Hint Generation for Coding Style (EECS-2016-40)
Rohan Roy Choudhury, Hezheng Yin, Joseph Moghadam, Antares Chen and Armando Fox

SiRen: Leveraging Similar Regions for Efficient & Accurate Variant Calling (EECS-2015-159)
Kristal Curtis, Ameet Talwalkar, Matei Zaharia, Armando Fox and David A. Patterson

Remote Pair Programming in a Visual Programming Language (EECS-2015-139)
Jonathan McKinsey

Matrix Multiplication Algorithm Selection with Support Vector Machines (EECS-2015-29)
Omer Spillinger, David Eliahu, Armando Fox and James Demmel

FRPA: A Framework for Recursive Parallel Algorithms (EECS-2015-28)
David Eliahu, Omer Spillinger, Armando Fox and James Demmel

Subdivision Surface Evaluation as Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication (EECS-2014-231)
Michael Driscoll

OCTAL: The Online Course Tool for Adaptive Learning (EECS-2014-76)
Daniel Armendariz

Software Engineering Curriculum Technology Transfer: Lessons learned from MOOCs and SPOCs (EECS-2014-17)
Armando Fox, David A. Patterson, Richard Ilson, Samuel Joseph, Kristen Walcott-Justice and Rose Williams

Multi-level Debugging for Multi-stage, Parallelizing Compilers (EECS-2012-227)
Richard Xia, Tayfun Elmas, Shoaib Ashraf Kamil, Armando Fox and Koushik Sen

A Million Cancer Genome Warehouse (EECS-2012-211)
David Haussler, David A. Patterson, Mark Diekhans, Armando Fox, Michael Jordan, Anthony D. Joseph, Singer Ma, Benedict Paten, Scott Shenker, Taylor Sittler and Ion Stoica

Communication-Optimal Parallel Recursive Rectangular Matrix Multiplication (EECS-2012-205)
James Demmel, David Eliahu, Armando Fox, Shoaib Ashraf Kamil, Benjamin Lipshitz, Oded Schwartz and Omer Spillinger

High-Performance Analysis of Filtered Semantic Graphs (EECS-2012-61)
Aydin Buluc, Armando Fox, John Gilbert, Shoaib Ashraf Kamil, Adam Lugowski, Leonid Oliker and Samuel Williams

Nye's Trie and Floret Estimators: Techniques for Detecting and Repairing Divergence in the SCADS Distributed Storage Toolkit (EECS-2010-30)
Jesse Trutna

SEJITS: Getting Productivity and Performance With Selective Embedded JIT Specialization (EECS-2010-23)
Bryan Catanzaro, Shoaib Ashraf Kamil, Yunsup Lee, Krste Asanović, James Demmel, Kurt Keutzer, John Shalf, Katherine A. Yelick and Armando Fox

Rain: A Workload Generation Toolkit for Cloud Computing Applications (EECS-2010-14)
Aaron Beitch, Brandon Liu, Timothy Yung, Rean Griffith, Armando Fox and David A. Patterson

PIQL: A Performance Insightful Query Language For Interactive Applications (EECS-2010-8)
Michael Armbrust, Nick Lanham, Stephen Tu, Armando Fox, Michael Franklin and David A. Patterson

Statistical Workloads for Energy Efficient MapReduce (EECS-2010-6)
Yanpei Chen, Archana Sulochana Ganapathi, Armando Fox, Randy H. Katz and David A. Patterson

Statistics-Driven Workload Modeling for the Cloud (EECS-2009-160)
Archana Sulochana Ganapathi, Yanpei Chen, Armando Fox, Randy H. Katz and David A. Patterson

Large-Scale System Problems Detection by Mining Console Logs (EECS-2009-103)
Wei Xu, Ling Huang, Armando Fox, David A. Patterson and Michael Jordan