Technical Reports - William M. Kahan

Error Bounds from Extra Precise Iterative Refinement (CSD-04-1344)
James W. Demmel, Yozo Hida, William Kahan, Xiaoye S. Li, Soni Mukherjee and E. Jason Riedy

Augmenting a Programming Language with Complex Arithmetic (CSD-92-667)
William Kahan and J. W. Thomas

No Period Two Implies Convergence, OR Why Use Tangents When Secants Will Do? (M79/61)
W. Kahan

How Far Should You Go with the Lanczos Process? (M78/48)
W. Kahan and B.N. Parlett

And Now for Something Completely Different: The Texas Instruments SR-52 (M77/23)
W. Kahan

Can You Count on Your Calculator (M77/21)
W. Kahan and B.N. Parlett

An Analysis of Lanczos Algorithms for Symmetric Matrices (M467)
W. Kahan and B. Parlett

Spectra of Nearly Hermitian Matrices (M420)
W. Kahan