Pairwise Proximal Policy Optimization: Large Language Models Alignment via Comparative RL (EECS-2024-21)
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Efficient Clustering Frameworks for Federated Learning Systems (EECS-2023-212)
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Layerwise Training of Deep Neural Networks (EECS-2023-126)
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Neurotoxin: Durable Backdoors in Federated Learning (EECS-2022-89)
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Provable and Efficient Algorithms for Federated, Batch and Reinforcement Learning (EECS-2021-89)
Avishek Ghosh, Kannan Ramchandran and Aditya Guntuboyina

Fast Secure and Robust Aggregation Learning Frameworks on Distributed and Federated Setups (EECS-2021-83)
Beom Jin Lee, Swanand Kadhe and Kannan Ramchandran

Proof-of-Stream: A Robust Incentivization Protocol for Blockchain-based Hybrid Video on Demand Systems (EECS-2021-42)
Yudi Tan, Swanand Kadhe and Kannan Ramchandran

On the Robustness of Learned Task Weights in Cross-modal Retrieval (EECS-2020-86)
David Nahm

Perturbed Iterate Analysis for Asynchronous Stochastic Optimization (EECS-2019-12)
Horia Mania, Xinghao Pan, Dimitris Papailiopoulos, Benjamin Recht, Kannan Ramchandran and Michael Jordan

Scalable Video-on-Demand with Edge Resources (EECS-2016-84)
Ryan Kashi

Low-Complexity Interactive Algorithms for Synchronization from Deletions, Insertions, and Substitutions (EECS-2015-227)
Vasuki Narasimha Swamy, Kannan Ramchandran and Ramji Venkataramanan

Semi-Definite Programming Relaxation for Non-Line-of-Sight Localization (EECS-2012-189)
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SLAC-RF: Simultaneous 3D Localization of mobile readers and Calibration of RFID supertags (EECS-2012-188)
Venkatesan Ekambaram and Kannan Ramchandran

Cooperative Non-Line-of-Sight Localization Using Low-rank + Sparse Matrix Decomposition (EECS-2012-82)
Venkatesan Ekambaram and Kannan Ramchandran

Scaling Laws for Cooperative Node Localization in Non-Line-of-Sight Wireless Networks (EECS-2011-20)
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An Adaptive Multi-channel P2P Video-on-Demand System using Plug-and-Play Helpers (EECS-2010-111)
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On the Existence of Optimal Exact-Repair MDS Codes for Distributed Storage (EECS-2010-46)
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On Secure Distributed Data Storage Under Repair Dynamics (EECS-2010-18)
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Performance analysis of a multi-antenna framework for spectrum reuse (EECS-2008-101)
Omar Mohammed Bakr, Mark Christopher Johnson, Ben Wild and Kannan Ramchandran

Compressed domain video processing of meetings for activity estimation in dominance classification and slide transition detection (EECS-2008-79)
Chuohao Yeo and Kannan Ramchandran

Denoising by Sparse Approximation: Error Bounds Based on Rate-Distortion Theory (M05/5)
A. K. Fletcher, S. Rangan, V. K. Goyal and Kannan Ramchandran

PRISM: A Video Coding Architecture Based on Distributed Compression Principles (M03/6)
R. Puri and Kannan Ramchandran

PRISM: A Realtime Multimedia Coding Architecture for Wireless (M02/22)
R. Puri and Kannan Ramchandran

Duality between source coding and channel coding with side information (M01/34)
S. Sandeep Pradhan, Jim Chou and Kannan Ramchandran

(n,k) Source-Channel Erasure Codes: Can Parity Bits Also Refine Quality? (M01/3)
S. S. Pradhan, R. Puri and Kannan Ramchandran

Improvement of TCP Performance Over Heterogenous Networks Using Continuous Error Detection Based Link Level Error Recovery (M00/56)
R. Anand, Kannan Ramchandran and S. Shakkottai

Multiuser Successive Refinement (M00/20)
S.S. Pradhan and Kannan Ramchandran