Syntactic Code Search with Sequence-to-Tree Matching (EECS-2024-93)
Gabriel Matute, Wode Ni, Titus Barik, Alvin Cheung and Sarah Chasins

Co-Designing for Transparency: Lessons from Building a Document Organization Tool for the Criminal Justice Domain (EECS-2023-81)
Hellina Hailu Nigatu, Lisa Pickoff-White, John F. Canny and Sarah Chasins

Contextual Inquiry into Programmers’ Use of Mimi and Implications for Embedded DSL Design (EECS-2023-20)
Lisa Rennels and Sarah Chasins

Study of Program Synthesizers & Novice Programmers (EECS-2022-59)
Dhanya Jayagopal, Justin Lubin and Sarah Chasins