Technical Reports - Ming C. Wu

Integrated Optical MEMS for Scalable Trapped Ion Quantum Computing ()
Daniel Klawson and Ming C. Wu

Hybrid Convolutional Optoelectronic Reservoir Computing for Image Recognition (EECS-2021-251)
Philip Jacobson, Mizuki Shirao, Kerry Yu, Guan-Lin Su and Ming C. Wu

Ultrasound Detection with Silicon Microring Resonators (EECS-2021-123)
Sarika Madhvapathy

Low Noise, Low Power Cavity Optomechanical Oscillators (EECS-2016-180)
Alejandro Grine

Optofluidic Devices for Droplet and Cell Manipulation (EECS-2015-119)
Shao Ning Pei

Capstone Report Project NoScope (EECS-2015-53)
Longxiang Cui, Mark Hardiman, Zeyi Lee, Ying Ou and Ryan Frazier

Capstone Report - Project NoScope (EECS-2015-52)
Zeyi Lee, Mark Hardiman, Ryan Frazier, Ying Ou and Longxiang Cui

Project NoScope (EECS-2015-51)
Mark Hardiman, Ying Ou, Ryan Frazier, Zeyi Lee and Longxiang Cui

Capstone Report Project NoScope (EECS-2015-50)
Ryan Frazier, Ying Ou, Mark Hardiman, Zeyi Lee and Longxiang Cui

Metal-optic and Plasmonic Semiconductor-based Nanolasers (EECS-2012-62)
Amit Lakhani

Light-Actuated Digital Microfluidics for Large-Scale Droplet Manipulation (EECS-2011-124)
Shao Ning Pei and Ming C. Wu

Light-induced Electrokinetics: A path to a versatile micro total analysis system (EECS-2011-34)
Justin K Valley

Frequency-Modulated Microwave Photonic Links with Direct Detection: Review and Theory (EECS-2010-156)
John Wyrwas

Optoelectronic Manipulation, Assembly, and Patterning of Nanoparticles (EECS-2009-165)
Arash Jamshidi and Ming C. Wu

Semiconductor Nanowire Manipulation Using Optoelectronic Tweezers (EECS-2006-116)
Arash Jamshidi, Peter Pauzauskie, Aaron Takami Ohta, Pei-Yu Chiou, Hsan-yin Hsu, Peidong Yang and Ming C. Wu