5th Year M.S. | M.S.

5th Year M.S.

CANClassify: Automated Decoding and Labeling of CAN Bus Signals
Paul Ngo [2022]

Hierarchical Actor-Critic Exploration with Synchronized, Adversarial, & Knowledge-Based Actions
Ayush Jain [2022]

Software-in-the-loop Testing for Autonomous Vehicles With Docker
Sarah Bhaskaran [2022]

Empirical Evaluation of Adversarial Surprise
Samyak Parajuli [2021]

Arterial Traffic Flow Prediction: A Deep Learning Approach with Embedded Signal Phasing Information
Victor Chan [2020]

On Training Robust Policies for Flow Smoothing
Kanaad Parvate [2020]


Robust deep-reinforcement learning policies for mixed-autonomy traffic
Kathy Jang [2021]

Capturing the impact of navigational app usage on road traffic from a gametheory point of view
Theophile Cabannes [2019]

Daily Data Assimilation of a Hydrologic Model Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter
Sami Andrew Malek [2019]

A Generative Model of Urban Activities from Cellular Data
Mogeng Yin [2017]

An Early Exploration of Causality Analysis for Irregularly Sampled Time Series via the Frequency Domain
Francois Belletti [2016]

Applications of Machine Learning to Support Dementia Care through Commercially Available Off-the-Shelf Sensing
George Netscher [2016]

Imputing a Variational Inequality Function or a Convex Objective Function: a Robust Approach
Jerome Thai [2016]