5th Year M.S. | M.S.

5th Year M.S.

Mapspace Optimization for Tensor Computations with Bayesian Learning
J V Iniyaal Kannan [2023]

Tuning Doubly Randomized Block Kaczmarz Method
Rahul Jain [2022]

Efficient Parallel Computing for Machine Learning at Scale
Arissa Wongpanich [2020]


Avoiding communication in primal and dual block coordinate descent methods
Aditya Devarakonda [2016]

Automatic Sparsity Detection in LAPACK
Razvan Carbunescu [2014]

Communication-Avoiding Parallel Recursive Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication
Benjamin Lipshitz [2013]

Communication-Avoiding Optimization of Geometric Multigrid on GPUs
Amik Singh [2012]

Firm Software Parallelism: Building a measure of how firms will be impacted by the changeover to multicore chips
Neil Thompson [2012]