5th Year M.S. | M.S.

5th Year M.S.

Expander Flows and Sparsest Cut Linear Programming
William Lin [2024]

Improved Bounds for Incoherent Matrix Completion
Emaan Hariri [2021]

Near-Linear Time Edit Distance for Indel Channels
Aaron Sy [2019]

Adaptive Memory Networks
Daniel Li [2018]

Low-Rank Matrix Completion for Positive Semidefinite Matrices
Jaya Narasimhan [2016]

Analysis of Hidden Markov Models and Support Vector Machines in Financial Applications
Jerry Hong [2010]

Preliminary Studies on de novo Assembly with Short Reads
Nanheng Wu [2009]


A Lower Bound for Identifying the Best Markovian Arm with Fixed Confidence
Vrettos Moulos [2019]

Introduction to the Language of Convex Optimization
Elan Frenkel [2015]