5th Year M.S. | M.S.

5th Year M.S.

Dynamic and Composable Enclave Measurement
Evgeny Pobachienko [2024]

Finetuning as a Defense Against LLM Secret-leaking
Bryce Wong [2024]

Fleece QA: Self-Instruct Generation for Question Answering Dataset from Large Corpus
Yueheng Zhang [2024]

Task Scheduling for Decentralized LLM Serving in Heterogeneous Networks
Elden Ren [2024]

AI Safety: Model Trojaning and Benchmarking
Akul Arora [2023]

On Imitating Proprietary Language Models
Arnav Gudibande [2023]

Quantifying Stablecoin Stability and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Autonomy
Kornrapat Pongmala [2023]

A System for Automated Security Knowledge Extraction
Edward Choi [2022]

Forecasting Future World Events with Neural Networks
Tristan Xiao [2022]

Machine Learning Safety
Jiaming Zou [2022]

Secure Multi-threading in Keystone Enclaves
Stephan Kaminsky [2021]

Trustworthy ML: Robustness and Foresight
Saurav Kadavath [2021]

Leaderless Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Tian Qin [2020]

NDSGD: A Practical Method to Improve Robustness of Deep Learning Model on Noisy Dataset
Zhi Chen [2020]

Multiple Domain Question-Answer Generation
Kimberly Lu [2019]

Proactive Secret Sharing in Dynamic Environments
Andrew Low [2019]

Sentinel: A System for Decentralized Data Governance
Nikhil Sharma [2019]

Adversarial Examples for Visual Decompilers
James Wei [2017]

Juxtapp and DStruct: Detection of Similarity Among Android Applications
Saung Li [2012]


Recognizing Functions in Binaries with Neural Networks
Richard Shin [2017]

Differential Slicing: Identifying Causal Execution Differences for Security Applications
Noah Johnson-Walls [2013]