5th Year M.S. | M.S.

5th Year M.S.

Design and Analysis of Uncertainty-Aware Modularized Autonomy Stacks
David Shen [2024]

Towards Robust Autonomous Systems through Uncertainty Quantification
Anish Muthali [2024]

A Predator-Prey Perspective on the Tumor Microbiome
Michael Lam [2023]

Coverage Path Planning in Dynamic Environment through Guided Reinforcement Learning
Ming Lung Raymond Chong [2022]

Progress and Proposals: A Case Study of Monocular Depth Estimation
Khalil Sarwari [2021]

Real-time Robotic Safety Set Blending Schemes
Charles Tang [2021]

Baseline Building Power Estimation
Sumedh Bhattacharya [2017]

Goal-Driven Dynamics Learning via Bayesian Optimization
Teddey Xiao [2017]

Model-Based Design of a Satellite with Orthogonal Spinning Sensors
Jonathan Shum [2017]


A Modular Framework for Socially Compliant Robot Navigation in Complex Indoor Environments
Sara Pohland [2022]

Peak Load Estimation with the Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
Jonathan Lee [2022]

Frequency Regulation for Power System Dynamics with Variable and Low Inertia due to Renewable Energy
Patricia Hidalgo-Gonzalez [2019]

Exploration for Range Based Indoor Localization Technologies and Algorithms
Casey Mackin [2018]

Datong Paul Zhou [2016]

Model Predictive Control Approach to Electric Vehicle Charging in Smart Grids
Somil Bansal [2014]

Parametric identification of concentration-dependent gene regulation networks
Qie Hu [2014]

Reachability-based Safe Learning with Gaussian Processes
Anayo Akametalu [2014]

A Stable Algorithm for Non-Negative Invariant Numerical Solution of Reaction-Diffusion Systems on Complicated Domains
Insoon Yang [2012]

On-board Model Predictive Control of a Quadrotor Helicopter: Design, Implementation, and Experiments
Patrick Bouffard [2012]