M.S. | 5th Year M.S.


A High-Throughput, Flexible LDPC Decoder for Multi-Gb/s Wireless Personal Area Networks
Matthew Weiner [advisor: Borivoje Nikolic]

Beaver: An SMT Solver for Quantifier-free Bit-vector Logic
Rhishikesh Shrikant Limaye [advisor: Sanjit A. Seshia]

Capacitive Power Transfer
Mitchell Kline [advisor: Bernhard Boser]

Characterizing Errors in RF Time of Flight Ranging Systems: A Simulation Approach
David Tung [advisor: Kannan Ramchandran]

Codes and Game Theory for Key Agreement with Untrusted Participants
Nebojsa Milosavljevic [advisor: Kannan Ramchandran and Michael Gastpar]

Decision Feedback Equalizer Design for 60GHz Mobile Transceivers
Chintan Thakkar [advisor: Elad Alon]

Design of Flexible Soft Output MIMO Detector for Cooperative MIMO
Milos Jorgovanovic [advisor: Borivoje Nikolic]

Frequency-Modulated Microwave Photonic Links with Direct Detection: Review and Theory
John Wyrwas [advisor: Ming C. Wu]

Hardware and High Data Speeds on the CINEMA CubeSat
David McGrogan [advisor: Kristofer Pister]

Hydrostatic optimization of inkjet-printed films
Hongki Kang [advisor: Vivek Subramanian]

Multichannel Reliability Assessment in Real World WSNs
Jorge Ortiz [advisor: David E. Culler]

Optical Flow on a Flapping Wing Robot
Fernando Garcia Bermudez [advisor: Ronald S. Fearing]

Running with Flapping Wings
Kevin Peterson [advisor: Ronald S. Fearing]

Sparsely Precomputing The Light Transport Matrix for Real-Time Rendering
Fu-Chung Huang [advisor: Brian A. Barsky]

The Design and Performance of DASH
Paul Birkmeyer [advisor: Ronald S. Fearing]

5th Year M.S.

Analysis of Hidden Markov Models and Support Vector Machines in Financial Applications
Jerry Hong [advisor: Satish Rao]

Effect of Multiple Alkanethiol Ligands on Solubility and Sintering Temperature of Gold Nanoparticles
Kevin Wang [advisor: Vivek Subramanian]