Procedures for Requesting an EECS Account for a New Staffperson

Last revised 7-aug-2014

These instructions are for the new employee's tech support/manager.

  • If the user is new to campus: Your new employee will need to sign their paperwork and be entered into the UC financial system. They will usually appear in the system at least 24 hours after signing their paperwork.
  • If the user already has a CalNet ID: Skip to step 3.

See also: Technology@Berkeley New Employee Checklist

  1. When you have been notified that the user is in the campus financial system: They will need to visit a CalNet deputy (list here, under EECS) to get a CalNet token
  2. The user will use the token to activate their CalNet account and select a CalNet ID and password. Some deputies will walk them through this process.
  3. When the user has activated their CalNet ID: They must then create a campus bApps account: They will need to do this in order to get a campus bMail address.
  4. When the user has a bApps account: You may then fill out an EECS account request form: . Be sure to use the user's new bMail email address as their "Current Email Address"
  5. When the user's EECS account comes through: The user can be added to:
    • the pertinent Windows groups (contact your sysadmin)
    • unit-specific email aliases (contact your sysadmin)
    • the eecs-staff and eecs-announce mail lists (contact acg@eecs)

    The user will automatically be added to the EECS directory and the appropriate building information mail list.

  6. Send the user to CalNet to set up 2-step, recovery e-mail address, and anything else needed there. She/he should also set or update office, etc. information in the campus directory.
  7. The user should add their account to bMail under Settings/Accounts. Click "treat as an alias" and make it the default so that the user can send mail to department lists.