bMail Tips and Tricks

The Campus Shared Services knowledge base has many answers to bMail questions. Try there if you don't find the answer here, or contact your tech support person.

Note: some of these answers involve enabling Labs. These features are not officially supported and may go away in the future.

How do I...?

Remove the eecs label from the beginning of all of my folder labels

You will only need to follow this procedure for the main folders under eecs (their subfolders will come with them). Open your Settings menu and select "Labels." Find a main folder name and click "edit" at the end of the line. UNcheck the "Nest label under" box.

If you click "remove" instead of "edit" it will remove all labels from all of the messages in the folder and its subfolders and Archive them. The same is true if you find the folder name on the left side of your main bMail window, hover over it until you see the little down arrow, and select "remove label."

Remove the filter that is sending all of my new mail into my eecs-Inbox.

There will be a filter set up on bMail to forward all of your incoming @eecs mail to the inbox under your eecs- label. If you would prefer your @eecs mail to appear in your main Inbox, open Settings, Filters. Check the box next to the :eecs@ filter and click "delete."

Search for messages:

If you just want to find messages by sender, subject, or contents, enter it in the search box at the top of the page and go. By default, this searches all of your mail. If you choose a label on the left and then search, it will search messages with that label: you'll see "label:blah" at the start of the search box. For more options, click the little down arrow at the right side of the search box.

BMail has many ways of searching mail, not all of which show up in the search form. Google has a guide to the more advanced Gmail search options.

Select more than one page of messages at at a time:

Go to the first page of messages and choose "All" from the 'select' dropdown (empty checkbox to the left above the table of contents). A line of text will appear at the top of the message block that says something like "All 50 conversations on this page are selected. Select all 402 conversations in 'INBOX'." The second sentence is a link you can click to select all the messages on all of the pages. You can also do this when a search returns more messages or conversations than will fit on one page.

Send mail from my subdomain address:

After the migration, subdomain accounts will be merged with regular bMail accounts and become aliases. Users will be able to send and receive emails from either their address or their subdomain address.

  • To send mail: Click "Compose" and select EECS from the "From" list.
  • To make your @eecs address your default "send from" address: Open Settings (in the gear icon) and click the "Accounts" tab. Locate the "Send mail as" section and click "make default" next to your @eecs address.

    Below, on the same page, where it says "When replying to a message" you have the option of keeping the subdomain as the default 'reply as' address, or changing it to reply from the same address the message was sent to.

See the CSS Knowledge Base entry.

Set a vacation message:

Open Settings (in the gear icon) and, in the General tab, scroll down within the menu until the "Vacation Responder" menu options come into view (near the bottom of the screen). Click within the message and subject boxes to create your response. Once the message has been written, the beginning and end date for the message can be set via the "First day" and "Ends" fields. When you're done, click the "Vacation responder on" button .

See the CSS Knowledge Base entry for more detailed instructions.

Sort a mailbox table of contents:

You cannot do this in bMail, but there are a number of search options that might help.

Set up filters:

Use filters to automatically label, archive, delete, star, forward your mail, or keep it out of Spam. See the Creating filters in bMail CSS Knowledge Base article for instructions.

Check my Spam filter:

Select the "More" option on the left-hand side below the Inbox column. Select the label named "Spam." Check the checkboxes of mail messages that are not spam and then select the 'Not spam' button. This should move the mail back to your "Inbox" label.

See the CSS Knowledge Base entry for more detailed instructions.

Show hidden folders (like Spam, Trash, etc.)

Click "More" at the bottom of the Inbox column. To un-hide a folder, drag it up above the "Less" line. You can also go to Settings, Labels, and set the Spam folder to only show when there are unread messages.

Receive mail I've sent to a mail list

If you are on a mail list and send mail to that list, you will not receive a copy in your Inbox, so you cannot confirm that the message went to the list. You need to set up a filter do this:

Do this (checkbox): Never send it to Spam

Use keyboard shortcuts

If you want to use keyboard shortcuts in bMail, you can find the table in the CSS Knowledge Base. They first need to be enabled in Settings, General.

Insert a bCal calendar invitation into a mail message

Click compose. Hover over the plus sign at the bottom of the compose window and select the last icon "Insert invitation." This will bring up a dialog box with references to your bCal calendar.

Undo Send

Go to Settings, Labs, and enable the Undo Send lab. Save changes at the bottom of the Labs page. For a few seconds after you've sent a message, a dialog box will appear asking if you'd like to undo sending the message. If you do nothing, your message will be sent and the dialog box will disappear. You can set the amount of time you're given to undo sent messages in your general settings.

Undo last action

If you have just deleted a message, added a label, archived a folder, or did something inadvertent, you can undo your last action by looking for the Undo link in the yellow box that appears at the top of the window under the search box.

Put colored tags on messages:

Print out an email message

The printer icon is located above the right hand side reply arrow. If you want to suppress the email addresses in the header, you can forward it to yourself before you print, and delete the citation lines.

Find someone in the department who doesn't appear in the auto-fill

If you start typing an address in the To: field, the Berkeley Campus Directory (including EECS addresses) will be accessed. Since only the first 5-6 entries in the directory that match the letters you've typed will be listed, there's a chance that the person whom you would like to mail will not appear. If this happens, you can click "Contacts" in the black bar at the top of the window and search for them there, where there are no limitations on the number of results. Once you have sent mail to someone, they will be saved in your contacts so it should be easier to find them again.

Do a mail merge:

There isn't a simple or standard way to do this in bMail as of May 2013.

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