Scanning from the Canon Copier in 384 Soda, 280 Cory, or 532 Cory

The Canon copiers in 384 Soda and 280/532 Cory can be used to send a scanned document (black and white only) to any or e-mail address. Here's the process:

  1. Put your copy card in the card reader. It won't be charged, but the copier interface is locked without a card.
  2. Put your document in the sheet feeder or under the lid. Multi-page or two-sided originals are fine.
  3. Choose the Scan and Send button on the main menu screen.
  4. Choose Address Book in the big green space for specifying the destination.
    If you use the copier often, you may want to add your preferred destination address to the local address book:
    1. Choose Register/Edit on the right.
    2. Check the list to make sure the address you want isn't already there.
    3. Choose Register New Dest. on the right, then E-Mail.
    4. Put in the destination name and e-mail address and choose OK.
    After this, your destination will show up in the list when you choose Address Book. You can filter this list to find the address you want by choosing one of the alpha tabs below the list.

    If you're sending to someone in EECS who is not a regular destination, you can search for him/her in the EECS directory.

    1. On the Address Book screen, choose To LDAP Server on the right.
    2. Touch the space next to All at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Enter the first name of the person and choose OK. You can use just the first few letters if you want.
    4. Touch the name of the person you want to select him/her and choose OK.
    You can repeat the specify destination process to send a scan to more than one person.
  5. Choose the Options button on the lower right and then touch the down arrow to set the file name; _001.pdf will be added to whatever name you give. You can also set the e-mail subject or message. If you would like to see the scan results before sending, choose Preview on this screen. Choose Close when you're done with the options.
  6. If you are sending a two-sided document through the sheet feeder, select 2-sided Original in the lower right and select the page orientation.
  7. If you would like the scan to include the text of the document (which helps with searching and converting to other formats), chose PDF (Compact) on the right and touch the box next to OCR (Text Searchable).
  8. Press the round green Start button (on the right, not on the touch screen) to start scanning. It may ask the original size; if so, just choose the correct size and choose OK. If you are scanning multiple hand-placed originals into one file, change the original and press the Start button again for each. When you've scanned them all, choose Start Sending on the touch screen.
    • The status area at the bottom of the touch screen will say something like "Sending to janp@eecs..." while the job is sent. This can go by very quickly; if you don't see anything, your job probably went through OK. If there's a problem, the status area will say "Retrying...". This message lasts longer.
    • If you think there might be a problem and want to check the job status, choose the Status Monitor/Cancel button left of the touch screen, then Send at the top, then Log at the top. If the result is --, then the job went OK. If the result is NG, there was a problem.
  9. If you want to send another scan to the same address, choose Previous Settings on the right, then History 1. It will remember all of the settings, so you may want to look at Options. If you need to turn off 2-sided scanning, choose 2-sided Original then Cancel Settings.

If you need to send a scan to a non-berkeley address, send it to yourself first and then forward it. All scan messages will have the From name "Berkeley CS Division" (Soda) or "Berkeley EECS" (Cory) and the From address acg@eecs; this can not be changed.

Shortcuts and Favorites

If you scan often and want a quicker way to enter the address and settings, you can use either a One-touch Button or a Favorite. The One-touch Button is an easy way to set the destination address. While on the Scan and Send screen, choose One Touch, then Register on the right. Choose an open (numbered) button, then Register/Edit on the right, then E-Mail. Enter the name, a nickname for the One-Touch Name if you want, and the e-mail address. Leave Divide Data at Off and say OK. Now you can choose One-touch on the Scan and Send screen and pick your button to set your destination e-mail address.

You can use Favorites to save your scan settings: resolution, file format, file name, e-mail message subject, etc. Start by setting everything up the way you want it, as if you're about to scan your document. Then on the right of the screen choose Favorite Settings, then Register, review your settings, then Next, select a button, Next, give it a name and (optional) comment, then choose OK. Now you can set all of your settings at once by choosing Favorite Settings and picking your button.

For questions or problems with scanning only (not other copier functions), contact acg@eecs or your local ACG staff member.