Make Existing PDF Forms Writable

  • Open Adobe Acrobat 9 and then open the document.
  • Pull down the "Advance" menu and select "Extend Features in Adobe Reader"
  • A dialog box will come up that says "This document already has enabled usage rights in Adobe Reader. To remove Reader Enablement, use File > Save a Copy".
    Follow these instructions, they will allow you to create a copy of the document that is not restricted and has no extended features in Adobe Reader.
  • Rename the file when you save it. Close the current file and open the new copy.
  • If you still can't edit the fields, pull down the "Forms" menu and select "Add or Edit Fields"
  • A dialog box will come up asking if you want Acrobat to detect form fields for you. Click "Yes"
  • Make any changes to the form that you would like and save the file.
  • Close the file.
  • When you reopen the file it should be editable.