Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium (BEARS) Archive

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Archived Symposia

  • 2018: More Than Moore: Is this the End of Moore's Law?
  • 2017: Brains and Machines: AI, Robotics and Neural Computation at Berkeley
  • 2016: Beyond Computation: Data Science, People and the Physical World
  • 2015: Working With Big Data
  • 2014: Innovations at EECS: Technology for a Global Future
  • 2013: EECS: New Directions
  • 2012: Big Data at Berkeley
  • 2011: Building Intelligence to Tomorrow's Client/Cloud Patform
  • 2010: From Clouds to Sensors - A Berkeley View
  • 2009: EECS is at the Center: the Centers are at EECS
  • 2008: EECS Faculty Answer Your Questions About the Future of Technology
  • 2007: EECS Looks to the Future of Data Management, Wireless Sensor Networks, Real World Wireless Web, Internet Research, 3D Modeling, RF Micro-electromechanical Systems, Online Interactive Media
  • 2006: EECS Looks to the Future of Correct Software, Wireless Infrastructure, Mobile Applications, Software Security, CMOS and Memory, and Computer Architecture
  • 2005: EECS in a Connected World
  • 2004: Vista on the Future of Information and Communication Technology