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For over half a century, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California at Berkeley has been at the leading edge of research that has led to revolutionary innovations in semiconductor and MEMS devices, design technology, computer architecture, operating systems and databases, and wired and wireless networking. Berkeley graduates are at the core of today's Information Technology industry.

EECS's industrial programs were established to encourage cooperation between members of industry and the department:

  • to facilitate faster transfer of research results to industry

  • to help keep research focused on problems that interest industry

  • increase access by industry to research publications, students and faculty

  • encourage industrial gifts/grants to support educational and research activities at Berkeley

Membership program:

Corporate Access Program (CAP, formerly known as SILA)
CAP Diversity Recruitment Opportunities

In addition, a number of research centers, laboratories, and projects associated with the EECS department have their own industrial membership programs:

For more information please contact:
Joseph M. Hellerstein
Vice-chair for External Relations

789 Soda Hall
(510) 643-4011
Josephine Williamson
231C Cory Hall
(510) 502-5359

Miyoko Tsubamoto
Senior Designer Print/Web
231 Cory Hall
(510) 643-6685
Jenny Jones
Development Coordinator

231 Cory Hall
(510) 643-0855
Atalie Chan
Development Coordinator
231 Cory Hall
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