Rising Stars 2020:

Christine Geeng

PhD Candidate

University of Washington

Areas of Interest

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Security
  • Science, Technology, and Society Studies


Studying Risks in Online Communications: Case Studies in Sexting and Misinformation


The popularity of social media and other communication apps has led to concerns and scholarship around security, privacy, and safety for users. Two examples of this is my work on interpersonal security and privacy for sexting, and how misinformation is evaluated. To study what concerns and mitigations adults have when sexting, we approached it as normal adult behavior and used a mixed-methods survey to collect information on frequency, storage, concerns, and management around sexting. Continuing my work on how social ties might lead to unintentional harms, I have researched how people consume misinformation on social media. I conducted a walk-through study with participant’s news feeds on Facebook and Twitter which contained misinformation. These have led to design and platform policy recommendations to support safer computer-mediated communication.


She/They. I am a PhD student in the Security and Privacy Lab at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington. I am broadly interested in user interactions with misinformation, usable privacy and security, and understanding privacy practices and concerns of marginalized communities.

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