Rising Stars 2020:

Xuan Luo

PhD Candidate

University of Washington

Areas of Interest

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Graphics
  • Computer Vision
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality


Consistent Video Depth Estimation


(1) A novel splitting receiver is proposed, which involves joint processing of coherently and non-coherently received signals. Using a passive RF power splitter, the received signal at each receiver antenna is split into two streams which are then processed by a conventional coherent detection (CD) circuit and a power-detection (PD) circuit, respectively. The streams of the signals from all the receiver antennas are then jointly used for information detection. The splitting receiver creates a three-dimensional received signal space, due to the joint coherent and non-coherent processing. By analyzing the achievable rate of a splitting receiver, it shows that the splitting receiver provides a rate gain of 3/2 compared to either the conventional (CD-based) coherent receiver or the PD-based non-coherent receiver in the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) regime.


I am a PhD student in the UW Reality Lab of the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Washington, working with Prof. Steven Seitz, Prof. Jason Lawrence and Ricardo Martin Brualla. I am interested in combining virtual/augmented reality with computer vision and graphics to create interesting surreal experience. Prior to UW, I did research on stereo matching in BCMI lab at Shanghai Jiao Tong University with advisor Prof. Hongtao Lu and on deep learning in National Univerity of Singapore with advisor Prof. Shuicheng Yan.

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