Rising Stars 2020:

Reuth Mirsky

Postdoctoral Scholar

University of Texas at Austin

PhD '19 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Areas of Interest

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics
  • Human-Computer Interaction


Plan Recognition for Collaboration


A desirable goal for autonomous agents is to be able to coordinate with virtual, robotic, and human teammates. One of the central challenges in such a collaboration is quickly recognizing the current plans of other agents and planning accordingly. I am interested in plan recognition for multi-agent systems and for human-robot interactions. In my research I have repeatedly introduced fundamental theoretical concepts and algorithms that were extended to reason about the goals and plans of other agents under realistic constraints. In this poster, I present how plan recognition is used and leveraged in various settings such as exploratory learning environments, ad hoc teamwork, and social navigation.


Reuth Mirsky is a Research Fellow at the Computer Science department in the University of Texas as Austin. She received her Ph.D. on plan recognition in real world environments at the department of Software and Information Systems Engineering in Ben Gurion University. She is interested in the similarities and the differences between AI and natural intelligence, and how these can be used to extend AI. In her research, she seeks algorithms, behaviors and frameworks that can improve existing AI with human-inspired design.

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