David G. Messerschmitt

Professor Emeritus


David G. Messerschmitt is the Roger A. Strauch Professor Emeritus of EECS at UC Berkeley, a Visiting Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Helsinki University of Technology, and a Visiting Scientist at the SETI Institute. He has served as the Acting Dean of School of Information Management and Systems and Chair of the EECS Department, and prior to 1977 he was with AT&T Bell Laboratories. Current research focuses on business and economics relevant to computing and communications technology. In Helsinki he is performing research and the foundations of software business in the Software Business Laboratory. At the SETI Institute he is proposing the expansion of the types of signals being searched in the new Allen Telescope Array. He is the co-author of Software Ecosystem: Understanding an Indispensable Technology and Industry (MIT Press, 2003), author of Understanding Networked Applications (Morgan-Kaufmann, 1999), and co-author of a widely used textbook Digital Communications (Kluwer, 1993). He is a co-founder and former Director of TCSI Corporation of Alameda California (now a division of Rocket Software), has served on the Advisory Boards of the Fisher Center for Management & Information Technology in the Haas School of Business and the Directorate for Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering at the National Science Foundation, and is currently participating in a National Research Council (NRC) study on telecommunications research and development. He recently served as a member of the NSF Blue Ribbon Panel on Cyberinfrastructure, co-chaired a National Research Council (NRC) study on the future of information technology research, and served on the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of NRC. He received a Ph.D. in Computer, Information, and Control Engineering from the University of Michigan and an undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, and a recipient of the IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal recognizing "exceptional contributions to the advancement of communication sciences and engineering".

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