Nilah Ioannidis

Assistant Professor


Nilah Ioannidis is an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in EECS and the Center for Computational Biology (CCB). She works on computational methods for personal genome interpretation, including machine learning tools to predict the clinical significance of rare genetic variants of unknown significance and statistical methods to link genetic variation with personal transcriptome variation and complex disease risks. She was previously a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Biomedical Data Science at Stanford University. During her PhD in Biophysics at Harvard University, she worked in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT and developed methods to analyze the dynamics of intracellular particles using hidden Markov modeling and Bayesian inference. She also previously served as Research Director at the Jain Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on the rare genetic disease dysferlinopathy.


  • 2013, Ph.D., Biophysics, Harvard University

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