Shyam Parekh received his Ph.D. in EECS from UC Berkeley. His research interests are in the architecture, optimization and performance aspects of both wired and wireless Communication Networks. Recently, he has been investigating the analytic issues related to the evolving paradigms of SDN, NFV and data-plane programming. He is the co-author of "Communication Networks: A Concise Introduction" (Morgan & Claypool, First Edition (2010), Second Edition (2018)), and a co-editor of "Quality of Service Architectures for Wireless Networks: Performance Metrics and Management" (Information Science Reference, 2010). He was a co-chair of the Application Working Group (AWG) of the WiMAX Forum during 2008-09.

**Current Research Projects:

Intelligent RAN Controller: We are exploring algorithms to be used by a RAN controller. This includes both near-real-time and non-real-time controllers. We will be looking at a number of use cases including network slicing. We also plan to use machine learning algorithms for both network control and orchestration. (Student Investigators: Angela Wang, Zhechang Xu)

Quantum Internet: We are exploring the fundamental issues in interconnecting Quantum Computers using a long distance network for scaling up the computational capacity.

Selected Publications

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